Arrangements  Based on the  Length of Advance Scheduling

  • Book three or more months in advance for the lowest rates.

    By booking directly with us in advance, we guarantee that no lower rate for your dates is currently available, or will ever be available in the future, regardless of any online travel agency's members-only deals. Rates generally increase progressively before a scheduled arrival date. In the unlikely event that lower rates applicable to you are subsequently posted from any source, simply inform your concierge, and you would be credited accordingly.

    By booking directly, you are also receiving the most flexible policies. Dignitary Discretion's policies for payments, qualifications, and all other policies apply regardless of the method of booking. Greater restrictions and/or policies of any online travel service would be additional to, but not in replacement of, Dignitary Discretion's policies.

    Guaranteed lowest rate in advance

    The guarantee only applies when booking directly with us.

  • Two to Eight Days in Advance

    Please call us for services within the next three days. Many first-time clients require services within the forthcoming week. Due to our structure of customized services, online booking within a few days is usually not displayed, but accommodations are usually possible by contacting us for personalized attention.

    We are accustomed to working with prominent people who suddenly find themselves in awkward circumstances. Relax. As long as you meet our requirements, we unbreakably uphold the concept of mutual loyalty. Day or night, please simply call us for friendly sophistication in discreetly customizing a solution for you.

    Reservations within three days are usually not available online. Please call us directly. We uphold referrer/agency relationships, even when booked directly.

    Dignitary Discretion
  • Solace within as Little as Twelve Hours

    Ultra all-inclusive hospitality and professional business support is guaranteed to be available within twelve hours after a call to a concierge and clearance of payment in full.

    Provisions and limitations are based on the package type, but this special rate is for custom arrangements with time sensitivity, for which sophisticated resources are applied with personal dedication to fulfill business complexities that often surpass the capabilities of ordinary five-star hospitality. Emergency services may involve variable physical vanities at a confidential annex via complimentary 24-hour chauffeur, but all reasonably relevant business, health, and countersurveillance amenities shall be provided, in accordance with your dialogue with a concierge, plus complimentary upgrades and complimentary bonus services under our available control. If a meeting or image-sensitive entertaining is also reserved, we shall arrange for supplemental facilities.

    Dignitary Discretion

    Reservations within three days are usually not available online. Please call us directly. We uphold referrer/agency relationships, even when booked directly.

    Same-day reservations require individual arrangements.  If the same-day wait will require a few hours' preparation, we can usually provide individualized suggestions for venues for you to wait peacefully, while reasonably addressing your specific security concerns.