Occupancy and Capacity

Additional Beds

  • Soft bassinets and folding cribs are available for Signature and Executive Luxury. Bassinets are complimentary when requested at least two weeks in advance (therefore fees for bassinets always apply with same-week reservations), and fees apply for cribs. Regardless, please provide advance notice before a lodging unit is finalized.

  • Sofa beds are generally not available.

    Business Living Rooms Hotel

    Leisure travelers could be curious about our divergence from hotel customs for suites to have sofa beds.  The following are the deliberate structuring and responsive inabilities to explain the lack of sofa beds.

    Most people older than a young child would regard typical sofa beds as being uncomfortable and undignified for consecutive nights. A subcomponent of our mission of incognito hospitality is to provide comforts and amenities to help offset the strains of covert travel, we normally avoid the temptation to compromise as such. We find that consumers, support staffers, and travel agents are lulled into the automatic acceptance of a sofa bed because it meets the specification of bedding. Then, when the moment arrives of needing to lie down into a noisy grid of braided steel hidden by a thin veil of fabric and a pad that is generously described as a mattress, the unpleasantness of travel becomes salient, with a yearning to get back home. Sofa beds are perhaps reasonable for families who are staying somewhere for one or two nights, but not for our focus on extended stays by executives on business travel.

    This is a small example of how we have innovated an entirely novel paradigm in service to our niche specialties. A corollary of the objective of providing an escape for securely regrouping with one's advisors and staff is to maximize professionalism, within reasonable resources, of meetings and entertaining in client suites. The structure of sofa beds usually inhibits the refined appearance for the challenge of maintaining professionalism while entertaining sophisticated visitors in a hospitality unit. We do not cater to groups of leisure travelers who are not willing to incur significant inconveniences for the sake of high-security confidentiality.

  • As manifestation of the safehouse paradigm of independent and outsourced units, we are not structured for rollaway beds. We furthermore attempt to reinforce the salience of our market focus to avoid misalignment with routine, vacationing families.


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