Reservation Arrangements

Changes to Your Reservation

Long-Term Client Relationships

Our primary goal is to establish strong client relationships. As a corollary thereof, we endeavor to be flexible in accommodating cancellations and rescheduling, particularly for regularly priced Signature and Executive Collection packages from clients who seek this level of service by reserving directly with us. Please discuss any anticipated complications or request any customizations with your concierge as far in advance as possible, thereby maximizing your satisfaction and usually reducing or eliminating exposure to cancellation charges.

Applicability of Standard Hospitality Policies Regularly Priced, Directly Reserved Domestic Hospitality

The concepts and policies herein pertain only to reservations for hospitality in the US that are made directly with us, excluding specially discounted packages. Cancellations of Executive Cruises, Business Catalysts, Island Enclaves, and specially discounted packages are subject to reimbursement of all related expenses, not exceeding the respective fees of cancelled services.

Please click here for more information regarding specially discounted packages.

Online Travel Services
Significantly Less Flexibility

We are able to provide significantly greater flexibility and services with direct reservations than with reservations that involve third parties. Reservations via online travel services are especially restrictive. Reservations via online travel services are subject to the respective terms of the reservation. For example, instead of credits for future services, online travel services generally involve cancellation fees of 100% after the cutoff date.

Please click here for further information about limitations of online travel services.



There are no charges for cancellations or modifications that occur prior to the cancellation period. You shall receive a full refund, plus any applicable interest on prepaid deposits.

After the Cutoff Date
Credit for Future Services
No Cancellation Penalties

Most cancellations do not involve any charges.  However, if a charge does apply to a directly booked reservation, such a charge would be merely recorded as a prepayment for future services. Your accounting will not reflect any expenses for cancellations or penalties. As explained above, these polices only apply to regularly priced US hospitality (excluding Rabbit Hole Refuge) that is directly reserved wtih us,.

If you must cancel within the cancellation-charge period, the charge is applied as a credit to your account.  You then can use this credit for any services that we provide more than thirty days thereafter. Other than the requirement that the credit be applied towards fees for services provided by us (as opposed to third-party expenditures made by us on your behalf, or effectively refunded), there are no restrictions for how you use the credit.  You are free to transfer it to others, and you may use it for contracted executive services.

Charge of 40% to Your Account

Charges of 40% shall be applied to your account for cancellations within the following periods in advance of your reservation:

  • eight to thirty days prior to a reservation scheduled to occur at least partially during December;
  • eight to thirty days prior to a reservation on a monthly rate, even if the length of stay is as short as 21 days; or
  • four to seven days prior to all other stays that were reserved and paid directly with us, unless special, more restrictive terms had accompanied the reservation (special restrictions usually involve theme-based, custom, or event-based packages).
Charge of 100% to Your Account

Charges of 100% shall be applied to your account for cancellations within the following periods in advance of your reservation:

  • One week prior to a reservation scheduled to occur at least partially during December.
  • One week prior to a reservation on a monthly rate, even if the length of stay is as short as 21 days.
  • Three days prior to all other stays that were reserved and paid directly with us, unless special, more restrictive terms had accompanied the reservation.
Mission-Critical Flexibility Focusing on Primary Objectives

We are structured for high-security, mission-critical dignitary-style hosting, not customary consumer/commercial operations. We respect the primary needs of clients of our relevant niches, which conflict with frivolous matters of vanity—contrasting with the customary foci of luxury hospitality. Because of our small size, and because of our extraordinary policies of accommodating other clients with their circumstances, details of facilities for incoming clients may vary, but we go to extremes beyond hospitality norms to support the security, safety, health, and pragmatically important business objectives of our clients.

If you have fulfilled our payment and client policies, and if you have a regularly priced Executive Collection package, we will not leave you stranded, even under extreme circumstances that surpass hospitality customs. Somehow, regardless of relevant personal effort, we shall provide you with protectively confidential hospitality and we shall apply sophisticated resources to support your business progress. If lives depend on your peaceful leadership and immediate duties, our professional-level managers are prepared to incur personal risk to fulfill criticalities, regardless of extreme weather or other dangerous emergencies.

If you have fulfilled our payment, reservation, and client policies, and if our modifications are not acceptable to you, the converses of cancellation policies apply to us.

  • Of course, you shall receive a full refund for the balance of applicable prepayments, plus interest on any prepaid deposits.
  • If we must cancel your reservation after the cutoff date of no-charge cancellations, the same policy of applicable credit shall be added to your account, enabling you to apply the credit towards any future services on any date more than thirty days thereafter, at any rate, with no restrictions.
  • Thirdly, as a matter of client goodwill that surpasses the reciprocation your terms, a $500 credit shall be additionally applied to your account, good towards any fees for any services that we provide.


You are welcome to postpone services, without charge, up to one week in advance of your scheduled arrival.

Postponed nights may be added to the end of your stay, or credited for the future.  There are no blackout days or other restrictions for postponed schedules. If you wish to postpone your arrival for a later departure, a relocation may be necessary, with similar or greater features than what was originally offered in the standard description. Direct reservations of regularly priced domestic hospitality, prepaid according to policies, are required. Exclusions apply to Rabbit Hole Refuge.


Extending Your Stay

You may extend your stay indefinitely.

Direct payment terms at the current, non-discounted, daily rate shall apply. If there is no vacancy for the same or similar package, the current or most recent published rate of the next higher package type would apply; for our Executive packages, if no vacancy is currently available, the published daily rate for the next available date would apply.

If you are staying in a unit that we have subcontracted via a third party, we possibly will need to help you to relocate, a process softened by free luxury transportation. 

Advance Notice of at Least Three Days

Please provide as much advance notice as possible, no less than three days in advance of your scheduled departure.  If you anticipate a likely need to extend, please communicate that expectation so that we can enable as much flexibility and convenience for you as possible.

Same-Day Delays

Any delay past the designated departure time would be charged the currently published daily rate, and would usually require relocation to a nearby outsourced site. Because of our unique structure, same-day delays, even of a couple of hours, are usually costlier to us than our full daily rate.  We incur substantial direct and indirect costs, plus strained relations with service providers and other clients. Therefore, the full daily rate would apply, even if the delay is for an hour or more.

Effects on Incoming Clients

We endeavor to be flexible in accordance with clients' needs with fundamentally unique solutions to guarantee sustained confidential hospitality, with our all-inclusive luxury, regardless of lack of internal and local vacancy, for unexpected needs to extend a reservation, and simultaneously to serve existing and emergency incoming clients.

Our policy of allowing for stayovers is an important benefit to our clients, because we disproportionately serve clients who are intensely busy with high-value business matters, and they have no access to any alternative to our important services.


Individualized Arrangements