Complimentary In-Suite Dining

Policies  and  Explanations



To begin making arrangements and placing orders before your arrival, please contact a concierge promptly upon placing your reservation. Your concierge will collaborate with you regarding your preferences.

Selections of prepared cuisine generally should be prescheduled at least twenty-four hours in advance.

Same-day bookings usually involve deliveries from restaurants, with the respective venue(s) and/or meal(s) reasonably selected by your concierge, with input from you of your cuisine preferences.

You are welcome to schedule your deliveries for any hour, day or night; however, due to the paradigm of deliveries from restaurants, limitations apply to selection availability.


There are risks associated with consuming undercooked meats, alcohol, and various exotic foods and beverages. We are philosophically non-restrictive of what you choose for yourself, but we are not responsible for any adverse effects.

Types of Cuisine

Requests for Kobe or prime beef are subject to reimbursement at our cost. Requests for most specialty foods are subject to reimbursement, but we shall provide you with the opportunity for approval, unless you make a request and are then reasonably unavailable for such approval.

The following foods and preparation styles are not available:
  • shellfish;
  • uncooked meat (particularly sushi and tartare); and
  • halal.

Grocery Food

We encourage you to identify specific brands and types of foods for us to purchase on your behalf from a mainstream grocery store. We are glad to accommodate your preferences. This is an exception to our standard policy of requesting reimbursements for expenditures involving client-named products or vendors. We do not seek reimbursement for any standard food items that we buy on your behalf from mainstream grocery stores.

Alcoholic Beverages

We welcome your requests for mainstream wine varietals, types of liquor, and styles of beers, deliveries of which we generally provide as complimentary. Any requests for specific brands of wine are subject to reimbursement, unless suggested as a conceptual guidance subject to non-identified substitution. Alcoholic beverages at the super-premium level or above (as defined by standards of the alcoholic beverages industry) are not generally available from us for commitment or special request, but we are happy to provide the incidental favor of special requests for reimbursement, within legal constraints; exceptions for complimentary provisions primarily occur as incidental to short-term marketplace discounts.

There are legal and risk-exposure restrictions for serving alcohol, but we do not create our own restrictions—or judgmental temperance. To the contrary, we are happy when you are happy.

We do not charge fees for alcoholic beverages, which are incidental to our primary business of contracted legal services and associated protective hospitality. Clients do not, and should not, primarily patronize us for the purpose of alcohol, and the inclusion or exclusion of goodwill offers is not regarded to be a deliberately material factor in our services. Provisions are intended merely an emotional pleasantry to offset the focus from otherwise stressful circumstances. Social comforts are lawfully and sympathetically offered to individuals in our core markets; our core markets are directly targeted to stressed but culturally socialized and responsible high-profile individuals.

Special Requests and Occasions

If you have special requests that would require non-routine freight costs, we would ask for your preapproval to apply our actual costs to your account.

Any favors or special provisions for food or beverages do not necessarily establish precedence, and should not be assumed to be sustained policies.

Although most mainstream foods and beverages are included at no extra charge for in-room dining, the following foods and beverages are subject to reimbursement of the items, delivery costs, and associated costs thereof.

  • Foods and beverages are subject to reimbursement if they include ingredients that are not reasonably ubiquitous at local mainstream grocery stores, or preparation methods that are not reasonably ubiquitous from local mainstream restaurants.
  • Ceremonial and celebratory desserts, beverages, and other specially prepared items are subject to reimbursement. Each staff member has the right to abstain from a religiously themed ceremony that is not reasonably or officially considered a primary religion where our parent and affiliated management groups are primarily based, including Nevis, the Isle of Man, Tel Aviv, and the United States.
  • We may respond to other special requests as being excluded, on the condition that we provide you with an alternative that is reasonably aligned with the general inclusions of the pertinent hospitality package, unless your package is specially discounted.

Your Guests and Companions

Our policies apply of reimbursement for our additional costs of benefits to your guests and companions.


Regardless of whether an expense is subject to reimbursement, there are no surcharges, tips, or fees from us or our staff for food or beverages.

Terms are based on industry standards of terminology. In the absence of specific definitions, or if you are unsure, please contact us for details.

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House rules, guest policies, and customary managerial prerogatives of Dignitary Discretion and outsourced facilities apply. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your particular circumstances. Each occasion of hospitality is custom, and we welcome the opportunity to optimize services based on what is most important to you.