Your Confidential Location

 Your Entry into Solace 

Your Arrival to Your Accommodations

With our packages of the Executive Collection and most other reservation arrangements, there is no bureaucracy of registration: no standing in front of a counter, no demands for your sensitive information, and no impersonal processing of you as a number. Variations may apply to specially discounted packages, Rabbit Hole Refuge, and reservations booked via an online travel site.

A dignitary should not be subjected to standing in front of the counter of a hospitality provider and handing his or her ID to a low-wage clerk. If you are not a dignitary, we nevertheless extend to you the same respects and comforts, given your appreciated status with mutual loyalty.

Continued Welcoming with
Luxury Packages

Dignitary-Style Full-Service Welcoming
Continuous Proxy Anonymity via 24-Hour Dedicated Servants, exclusively attending to you.

Helping You to Your Suite

Please call upon placing your reservation

In the same manner as a dignitary or world leader is escorted directly from the rendezvous point to the rally point, we will privately guide you to your suite.

Porterage appointments are available 24 hours a day, with advance notice of at least one day.  As with most services for which we have control over compensation, tips are paid by Dignitary Discretion, so that you can stay focused on your endeavors while we facilitate.

The Tools and Confidence-Inspiring Image of Being in Command

Warm Welcome

After your arrival in your suite, you will be presented with a favorite appetizer of yours, your favorite varietal of fine wine selected specifically for you by a sommelier, freshly squeezed juice, a custom-blended espresso drink, or whatever else you will have prearranged with us. We readily sympathize with jet lag and exhausting travel, and you are finally coming to an end to a tiring day—regardless of whether local time is in the morning. The concept of how it's always five o'clock somewhere is a genuine reality.

The Glenlivet 21 or Beefeater 24
Uncompromisingly Fine Whiskey without Compromising Your Whiskey

Beefeater is a trademark of Pernod Ricard. The Glenlivet is a Scottish operating brand and trademark of Chivas Brothers Limited. Legal restrictions apply to alcoholic beverages.

Champagne that is Actually from Champagne

Enjoy a gourmet meal and fine beverages that will have been prepared according to your pre-discussed preferences. Your pre-identified preferences of music, film, sports, or literature will provide pleasant entertainment.

Hit the Ground Running

You may identify which luggage you would like to have unpacked, how you would like everything arranged, and (if you wish, under your direct supervision of a countersurveillance specialist) what electronics you would like to have configured.

Your concierge would be happy to coordinate the discreet purchasing and delivery of whatever garments, supplies, equipment, and pleasant comforts you did not pack. No fees, markups beyond the reimbursable charges of full-service vendors, or tipping would apply.

Dapper Evocation of Success

If you have any shoes to be shined or clothes to be ironed, we can usually do so in less than 24 hours, initiating your stay with a fresh start. (Laundry, ironing, and shoe-shining services with turnaround times of less than one week are subject to reimbursement at our cost.)

Supporting Your Entry into Solace