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Policies for New Clients

Diversified Payment Methods

Invoicing and Attorney Trust Accounts Exempted

If you are a new client who wishes to use a credit card,
at least one other payment method must also be used.

Upon placing your reservation, please contact a concierge for private service and convenient coordination.


Diversification Requirements


Diversification enables flexibility.

Our internal operations are categorically more flexible than the customary mandates in travel for simple, singular transactions. We are sympathetic to the frequency of unexpected transactional difficulties when engaged in travel that is urgent, anonymous for governmental or corporate (such as I-banking) purposes, while defending civil and/or public relations attacks, or simply premium priced.

Most members of our niche market would normally have convenient availability of substantial financial resources, and we never mean to imply any disrespect or mistrust towards any of our honorable clients. 

Although we are accustomed to working with complicated situations, many of our clients have never previously experienced such a situation.  For example, one of our largest markets pertains to executives who are engaged in an acquisition or other pre-event transaction/filing involving a regulated or publicly traded company, and these executives are invariably shocked when they find themselves in extremely sensitive no-warning blockages and often even reversals of transactions (most often occurring with credit card transactions).  Invariably, these executives would be annoyed at the thought that there could be any forthcoming problem with paying for travel expenses, but then they find themselves in disconcerting situations.  Of likewise invariability, when the problems do incur, the executives draw on their past experience with over-confidence that the problem can be promptly resolved—and are disgruntled towards any professional services providers (including us) who do not grant the necessary flexibility for what they naively believe will be merely brief deferrals.

As a function of avoiding disrespect via subjective determinations, we simply make a blanket requirement for the use of different payment methods for the fees and the deposit for all first time-clients, with the only exception applying to those who are paying via an attorney trust account.  We endeavor to avert traveler crises, because as long as we have received separate payment methods for each the deposit and fees, we indeed can apply cushions and flexibility if an unanticipated problem arises with one of those methods. 

The diversification issue provides for our extraordinary flexibility for our niche markets, extending even to first-time clients. A separate issue of preventing an entirely different market of unscrupulous non-business travelers pertains to first-time clients paying by credit card.
Solution to Industry Risks

Most hotels require government ID that matches a credit card.  If a first-time customer is paying by card for the benefit of another traveler, scanned or faxed copies are usually required of the front and back of the credit card, as well as a full permanent copy of the holder's ID, and a matching signed authorization.  Those policies of photocopying sensitive personal information protect the hospitality industry, but meanwhile those policies compromise the confidentiality of place high-profile travelers.

Of direct relevance to the reason for our existence—benefiting honorable clients of prominence—are our policies of not requiring ID and of not doing on-site transactions.   Travel is one of the most common exploitations by people who exploit stolen credit cards, and ultimately hotels must pay the price, which is why hotels protect themselves via infringements on the privacy of their guests. 

Our services involve two extremes:

  1. extraordinary methods of protection for clients' privacy, and
  2. ultra all-inclusive comprehensive luxuries. 

Of correlating complication, there are also two extremes of types of travelers who would benefit from our unique offerings.

  1. We are a vitally important resource for good people who realistically must protect themselves clandestinely as a function of the general societal and legal lack of sympathy for high-profile individuals--combined with limited societal patience for comprehending esoterically complex situations.
  2. Annoyingly, travel is plagued by consumer-level hustlers who usually are relegated to filthy motels. To spend a few days basking in our broad comprehensiveness of anonymous luxuries would be a ravishing indulgence for them.

Our solution to the conflicting perspectives is simply to add a requirement for at least partial payment via a second method. Thieves are stymied by requiring merely a minor portion to be paid with an attorney trust account, cash, inter-bank transfer or payment in advance by check. With this simple solution, we can afford to sustain faithfulness for our clients.

Unless you have a billing account or attorney trust account, at least twenty-five percent of the value applied must be via bank transfer, Bitcoin, in-branch bank deposit, wired cash, money order, or cashier's check.  (Some transactions require greater percentages by cash or cash equivalent.)

Partial Payment with Bank, Cash, or Bitcoin

Our solution to the conflicting perspectives is simply to add a cash-based payment method for first-time clients.  Merely requiring a minor portion to be paid with cash or bank transfer eliminates the interest of thieves.  With this simple solution, we are able to relax in the faithfulness of our clients, with an excellently low risk factor.

If you are a new client, unless you have an attorney trust account, please pay at least twenty-five percent of the fees via bank transfer, Bitcoin, in-branch bank deposit, wired cash, money order, or cashier's check.  (Payments for services within the same week require greater percentages by cash or cash equivalent.)


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