New Clients

No Credit Card Required

For a new client who would prefer to use a credit card, a second form of payment would also be required.
Please do not rely on standardized policies of online travel services.
Private arrangements are customized for some direct reservations.

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Diversification Requirements


Diversification enables flexibility.

Our internal operations are categorically more flexible than the customary mandates in travel for simple, singular transactions. We are sympathetic to the frequency of unexpected transactional difficulties when engaged in travel that is urgent, anonymous for governmental or corporate (such as I-banking) purposes, while defending civil and/or public relations attacks, or simply premium priced.

Previously unharmed novices often do not recognize the potential vulnerabilities that they face.  New clients are often referred to us after they find themselves in unfamiliar circumstances.  They often resist adapting to their realities, still requesting that we charge their cards instead of using other forms of payment. Over time, the naiveté is usually replaced with appreciation for the many protections that we had been consistently providing.

Solution to Industry Risks

The diversification issue provides for our extraordinary flexibility for our niche markets, extending even to first-time clients. A separate issue of preventing an entirely different market of unscrupulous non-business travelers pertains to first-time clients paying by credit card.

Most members of our niches would normally have convenient availability of substantial financial resources, and we never mean to imply any disrespect or mistrust towards any of our honorable clients. 

Most hotels require government ID that matches a credit card.  If a first-time customer is paying by card for the benefit of another traveler, scanned or faxed copies are usually required of the front and back of the credit card, as well as a full permanent copy of the holder's ID, and a matching signed authorization.  Those policies of photocopying sensitive personal information protect the hospitality industry, but meanwhile those policies compromise the confidentiality of place high-profile travelers.

Of direct relevance to the reason for our existence—benefiting honorable clients of prominence—are our policies of not requiring ID and of not doing on-site transactions.   Travel is one of the most common exploitations by people who exploit stolen credit cards, and ultimately hotels must pay the price, which is why hotels protect themselves via infringements on the privacy of their guests. 

Our services involve two extremes:

  1. extraordinary methods of protection for confidentiality, and
  2. ultra all-inclusive executive hospitality.

We take our duties seriously as a vitally important resource for good people who realistically must protect themselves clandestinely as a function of the general societal and legal lack of sympathy for high-profile individuals—combined with limited societal patience for comprehending esoterically complex situations.

Partial Payment with Check, Bank Wire Transfer, Cash, or Bitcoin

Although hotels usually protect themselves financially by requiring ID-verified credit cards, our solution is simply to add a requirement for at least partial payment via a second method. Those of bad faith are stymied by requiring merely a minor portion to be paid with an attorney trust account, cash, inter-bank transfer, or payment in advance by check. With this simple solution, we can relax in the faithfulness of our clients, with an excellently low risk factor.


Mitigated Risk Exposures

Customary credit card transactions in hospitality can cause serious repercussions by revealing your actual hotel name and/or your actual dates of travel.


Your Special Executive Resource

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