Secured Form for Credit Card Payment

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Protective of the Confidentiality of Your Travels

Common Risk Exposures of Credit Cards

Compliant with techniques requested by some specialty governmental subcontractors, under circumstances when credit cards are unavoidable, while accompanying protected assets.

The revelation of a hotel name on a credit card can cause serious repercussions in genuinely ethical and legal circumstances, such corporate counterespionage, secret subcontractors of US foreign relations, and victims of mischaracterization in manipulative lawsuits. Therefore, we normally implement the following protocol.

Avoiding Records  of a  Specific Hotel

  • Charges are split into multiple transactions, thereby appearing less conspicuous.
  • Indirect merchant names are used, not particular to Dignitary Discretion or to your travel. Merchants are incidental to the transactions, not primary conduits on our behalf. We are particular in using merchants that are secure, honorable, legitimate, and—most importantly—do not attribute specifically to your destination. You shall be provided promptly with specific names and amounts. We are responsible for your charges and any applicable refunds; the merchants are deliberately not affiliated.

We exclusively serve honorable, well-intentioned people, but, unless it happens to oneself, many do not realize how much risk is faced by prominent people. Previously unharmed novices often do not recognize potential vulnerabilities. Most US officers who are trained by Farmer Perry are ingrained with the obviousness to avoid using credit cards, especially for their actual travel (as opposed to creating breadcrumbs).


Protective of Your Privacy