Credit • Debit • Prepaid

High-Profile Individuals • Executive Confidentiality • Compartmentalized Security
Sophisticated Support  for  Sensitive Business Travel
Avoiding Security Compromises  Associated with  Pervasive Credit Card Customs in Hospitality
Acceptance of Privacy-Enhanced Debit Cards Diplomatic • Single-Use (Non-Physical) • Trust Account • Corporate Imprinted personal names are not required, in contrast to hotel customs.
Split into Multiple Transactions Thereby Being Less Conspicuous Privacy-oriented, funding-capped prepaid cards can be combined.
Dissociative Merchant Names Usually Not Particular to Dignitary Discretion or Your Travels Avoiding Unintended Breadcrumbs of the Dates and Location of Staying with Us Merchants are incidental to the transactions, not primary conduits on our behalf. You shall be provided promptly with specific names and amounts.
Alternatives Supporting Your Corporate/Contracted Accounting Policies
Card Charging via PayPal™ You Retain Control • Secure PayPal™ Interface • No Card Information Sent to Us Please coordinate with us—on the day that you place your reservation— for payment via a PayPal™ invoice. PayPal is a registered trademark of PayPal, Inc.
Corporate Invoicing Deposit Requirements Usually Waived
Fast Approvals for Aligned Niches
Attorney Trust Accounts Deposit Requirements Usually Waived
Sophisticated, Versatile Coordination

Mitigated Risk Exposures

Customary credit card transactions in hospitality can cause serious repercussions
by revealing your actual hotel name and/or your actual dates of travel.


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