The Ultimate in Private Service

Loyally Attending Singularly to You

Dignitary-Style 24-Hour Dedicated Servants

Peerlessly Surpassing Dedicated Butler Service


Experience dignitary-style travel, categorically surpassing many five-star standards, unmatched by any other publicly accessible hospitality in Las Vegas. Be pampered by a small circle of discreet specialists, exclusively serving you, day and night.

Las Vegas Strip DIPSEC anti-wiretap
Examples of Your Ultra All-Inclusive Benefits Individualized for You
Countersurveillance-Backed Communications Location-Stripped, end-to-end secured calls and E-mail, surpassing relevant military specifications.
In-Suite Fine Dining Fully Attended 24 Hours Fine wine and Connoisseur Cocktails
VIP Benefits for Weekly Services
Your Uncompromising Ultimate in Luxury Resort Amenities and Resources Athletics and Leisure Business Custom
Antitracking Driver

More Ultra All-Inclusive Benefits

Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas
Clandestine Safehouse Keeper RVP
VIP Welcoming
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