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Descriptions herein are based on regular Signature packages. Specially discounted rates and Rabbit Hole Refuge are not applicable. Additional VIP-caliber benefits pertain to packages of the Executive Collection. Please click here for more information.

Off-Book Anonymity
Relaxation from Image Maintenance and Adversarial Opportunism

Most importantly for our niches, your concierge coordinates these complimentary experiences for your clandestinely compartmentalized anonymity.  The off-book transportation is also complimentary.

Your services with us are anonymously off-book and subjected to commercially relevant protocols of SCI MILSPEC secrecy. There normally are no credit card charges referencing us, and we enable you to incur charges against your deposit.  Although many Las Vegas amenities require ID, the risks are mitigated by not having a readily available trail to follow.

Please discuss with your concierge about specifically selecting amenities where your access can potentially be enabled without a photo ID. Regardless of entry, however, venues that provide alcohol or gambling are particularly prone to requiring ID upon demand.

Secret Vegas Hostess

On Site

Vdara™ is a large, modern facility complex, with the expected breadth of amenities of a major luxury hotel. Many more amenities are shared with its sister hotel, Aria™.  Both facilities are part of the massive MGM™ CityCenter™, which includes a spectacular shopping/entertainment mall. Most luxury hotels in the United States have only one (or perhaps a few, for large resorts) of each customary amenity, but Las Vegas hotels are famous for their mass scale.  CityCenter™ has taken a leap into a new conceptual realm, and is widely considered the most extensive of all resort campuses along the Las Vegas Strip. Moreover, the Center-Strip location places you in the heart of the excitement, surrounded by world-famous restaurants, shops, auditoria, and attractions.

Fundamental to the Safehouse Paradigm

Standard Signature and Executive Luxury services in Las Vegas are structured to be hosted primarily in upgrade-luxury suites at Vdara that are independently held at Vdara.  Vdara, CityCenter, the Fountains of Bellagio, Aria, the Moorea Beach Club, and MGM are properties and trademarks of MGM Resorts International. Dignitary Discretion is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or subject to any persistent contracts with MGM Resorts International.

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