Weekly Stays

One to Three Weeks, Reserved in Advance


Executive Independence

Complimentary Benefits

Unique and Valuable


More important than ordinary hotel offerings, you will benefit from our privacy orientation with personal service.

To support the paradigm of discreet hospitality in a low-profile way of life, while cushioning the discipline that you must maintain in the way of life, we reward you with an upscale caliber of complimentary inclusions.

Food, Wine, and Liquor All Free • All Custom • Upscale Quality

Delivered for Your Convenience

Clandestine Food

Your preferences of upscale groceries, varietals of wine, and types of liquor are free. Grocery deliveries (in lieu of prepared meals) are based on the standard feature of a kitchenette where you have the comfort of home to prepare meals.


Private Transportation

Confidentially Driven Locally

Free Each Day

Relax in anonymity and convenience with complimentary private drivers.

  1. For your arrival and departure, private transportation is provided for any regional transportation hub, home, or office.
  2. For each day of your stay, round-trip transportation for any local destination is complimentary.
  3. Transportation is free for your complimentary weekly leisure excursion.

We cover tips and toll charges.

Livery with Rabbit Hole is consumer-grade, which may include prepaid taxis or consumer drivers. Limitations and conditions apply, such as

  • the requirements for advance scheduling,
  • presence of the primary client in each ride, and
  • restricted availability on some holidays and on days of some major events.

Please contact us for details, and for optimization based on whatever is most important to you. For non-complimentary transportation, we provide 24-hour concierge proxy anonymity to arrange whatever transportation requests you have; the actual charges from the transportation providers are simply charged as reimbursable.


If you choose to have your own vehicle instead of making use of our complimentary livery services, single-space parking is complimentary.



Security-Enhanced Telecommunications


Military-Caliber Calls

Free domestic calls are enabled via a calling card or as VoIP on your computer. Limited MILSPEC encrypted calls via your computer are complimentary with reservations made directly and via travel agents who provide personal service.

Location-Stripped Encrypted Internet and E-Mail

Internet is complimentary with all hospitality and business services.

Your safehouse keeper/senior concierge will coordinate with you for multilayer-encrypted Internet and IP-stripped Email, rising above the restrictiveness and security vulnerabilities that are commonplace in even the highest-end business hotels. With monthly stays, we can arrange for hard-wired Ethernet for higher security and speeds. Internet access with anonymously encrypted VPN is complimentary. Please click here for more information.

Unless you already use a VPN or are familiar with endpoint (your computer—so that your confidentiality is your own) Internet encryption, we respectfully suggest coordinating with your safehouse keeper/senior concierge in advance of your travels.

Countersurveillance-enabled telecommunications require that reservations are made directly or via a travel agent who provides personal service.

Exclusions apply to specially discounted packages. Please click here for general policies. Please contact us for details applicable to your specific package and for optimization based on what is most important to you.


Free Each Week

Leisure or Pampering

Private and Custom

You will enjoy a pleasant occasion of a leisure excursion or in-room pampering.  Each such occasion is tailored to your preferences.

  • In the convenience and privacy of your suite, a standard haircut for a gentleman, or a standard manicure/pedicure for a lady.
  • Transportation and admission to a church or synagogue special performance, such as a Christmas concert.
  • Transportation and admission to a museum.
Covert US G2-Friendly Asset Entertainment by OGA

Our standard limitations and policies apply, particularly the following.

  • This service is for the primary individual client per seven nights, or a companion may join you by combining the benefit to fourteen nights.
  • Exclusions apply to specially discounted packages. Please click here for more information.

Please contact us for details, and for optimized services based on whatever is most important to you.


Weekly Apparel Services

Free Dry Cleaning and Laundry

With each period of eight days that you stay with us, you shall benefit from the anonymity of free standard laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe shines.  Increments of retrievals and returns occur every four days.

Conditions and limitations apply, such as being limited to ordinary apparel, with quantities customary for the tenure of stay. Exclusions apply to specially discounted packages; please click here for more information. Please contact us for details, and for optimized services based on whatever is most important to you.


Stay the Weekends for Free

For each full week that is directly booked with us, you will receive two nights for free. Rates shown with our online reservations automatically provide reduced rates with weekly and monthly stays.



Daily Full-Service Housekeeping

Within our core markets, housekeeping at hotels represents numerous vulnerabilities. We understand how daily housekeeping each day can be more of a nuisance than a benefit. Please coordinate your preferences with a concierge promptly upon placing your reservation.

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