Celebrity-Style Spa Hosting

Executive Collection by Dignitary Discretion
Recharge Your Confidence-Inspiring Executive Stamina
Accompanied by Your Cheerleader Hostess
Enabling Your Anonymity
In Complimentary Goodwill Bestowed to You

Protectively Off-Book Escape
to Luxurious Tranquility

Your convivial hostess will discreetly chauffeur you in luxury to the spa, and anonymously walk you inside in VIP fashion—no invasive registration at a front desk.

Privacy from Social Media and Adversaries

If you are a high-profile individual, this is your opportunity to be able to experience a luxury spa in solitude, dropping your exhausting image maintenance for some relaxation. The most important role of your hostess is to enable you and her to blend into the environment as patrons, supporting your anonymity. When accompanied by a hostess who displays a friendly and relaxed demeanor, and by not needing to talk with staff if one's voice and mannerisms are publicly known, most high-profile individuals remain unnoticed, or at least are plausibly dismissed as being celebrity lookalikes.

A dignitary should not be relegated to changing in a locker room, and an executive should not need to cram a suit and shoes together in a locker the same size as a high-schooler's. You will have your own exquisitely adorned private dressing area or spa suite for the transition. Your hostess will gently remove your shoes, and then proceed with unbuttoning and de-constraining from your business attire as you sit back to begin your R&R. Upon your freedom, she will soothingly adorn you in your plush robe and slippers.


Success-Inspiring Luxury

Forbes Five Star™

The respective venues for the Newport Beach, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, and McLean locations have been recently accoladed with a rarefied Forbes Five Star Award from the Forbes Travel Guide. Forbes is a registered trademark of Forbes LLC, with which Dignitary Discretion is not affiliated, endorsed, or licensed.

Hostess for Co Ed Five Star Hotel Spa Clothing Optional

Cheerful Enlivenment

In addition to enabling your anonymity, your hostess is a former cheerleader whose constantly convivial cheerfulness is uplifting and confidence-empowering.  Her reassuringly friendly enthusiasm will brighten an otherwise pleasant but relatively boring experience into sparkling enlivenment. Recharge with a strategically invigorated, unburdened perspective of whatever were your business-travel worries.

As you proceed through the co-ed amenities of your preferences, your hostess will sweetly enable your luxurious comfort, drying you with clean towels, purchasing and bringing any refreshments on your behalf, and supporting you in any way possible.  Whether wrapping you in a privately oversized towel as you step out of the picturesque whirlpool, soothing you with her warm heart in the sauna, or supporting you in the sophisticated fitness facilities, your hostess will comfort you with the joy of friendly contentment.

Non-service use of the spa is complimentary. To avoid a potential loss of anonymity by providing a credit card, we normally are willing to incur expenses on your behalf. If you wish to incur any charges for services, food, beverages, or merchandise from the spa, you normally may apply the spa's charges against your account.

Important Conditions

Repertoires of Extraordinary Benefits

Surpassing Customary Hospitality Capabilities


Private Hosting

Extraordinary Benefits   Anonymity Protections
Club Pool
Generally All Free

Forbes Five Star™

Free VIP Access with Private Hostess for Vdara ESPA

"Forbes" and "Forbes Five Star" are registered trademarks of Forbes LLC, with which Dignitary Discretion is not affiliated, endorsed, or licensed.