In-Suite Fine Dining

Savor full-service fine dining, connoisseur drinks, and marvelous delicacies  in the  privacy and convenience of your suite.

Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
Romantic Sovereignty by Dignitary Discretion
Private Cruises by Dignitary Discretion
Island Enclaves by Dignitary Discretion
Formal High Tea

High Tea  and  Connoisseur Coffee Specialties

In-Suite Full-Service All Complimentary, as part of your 24-hour dedicated service

For the ultimate in refined, confidential service, you are invited to complimentary high tea. A formal white-glove server offers your custom imported teas, on genuine silver, with your custom preference of gourmet pastries or fine chocolates.

Reimbursement may apply for some special requests, such as custom-ordered exotic imports, but we do not apply any surcharges, and there are no tips.

Your Favorite Exotic Tea

High tea service is pre-reserved, based on your preferred schedule.  If you have secured your Executive Luxury or Romantic Sovereignty splendor at least three weeks in advance, you we would be happy to special-order a nostalgic exotic tea of which you have warm memories (within some legal and other reasonable constraints).

Coffee Drinks

If you prefer a faster pace, your favorite styles of espresso drinks are served on request by your 24-hour team.

Please provide advance notice, preferably of at least two weeks, for any requests for a particular terroir or other connoisseur specialty.

Irish Coffee
(with or without the coffee)

Would you prefer a little more excitement than choosing between cream or soy milk? There's always Irish cream, and morning Irish coffee provides a particularly pleasant start to weekend days—especially after a stressful week. 

Dark chocolate is home to a broad realm of delights that we offer as complimentary, but Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquor is even better.


There are legal, safety, and security restrictions for serving alcohol, but we do not apply judgmental temperance of our own. To the contrary, we are happy when you are happy. Godiva is a registered trademark of Godiva Chocolatier, Inc., with which we are neither licensed nor affiliated.


Dignitary-Style Connoisseurship

In-Suite Privacy and Individualization