Business Benefits

Excellent ROI

  • We endeavor to provide an important, excellent value based on the criticalities of our core markets.

    Although the heavy indirect and direct costs of our services force us to charge fees that are substantially higher than ordinary hospitality, our fees can represent an immaterially excellent value at a crucial junction. If a routine traveler were to wish to rent a room without special services, there are plenty of hotels and landlords available to provide solutions that are more economically and efficiently suitable.

    Our fees often exceed the commensurate level of opulence that would be customary of hotels. We incur various heavy costs and limitations of our countersurveillance paradigm, particularly with the proxy representation.

  • Our Rabbit Hole Refuge package is particularly susceptible to being attractive to leisure travelers who are attracted to our many free inclusions. We also inadvertently attract standard consumers when we offer specially discounted (with reduced services) rates after group cancellations, wherein we endeavor to maintain contiguous weeks of occupancy.

  • Instead of doing credit card authorizations upon arrival, deposits are required in advance for anyone who does not have an invoicing or attorney-trust account.

    One purpose for the deposits/retainers—albeit refundable—is to provide an unavoidably salient awareness of our lack of alignment with ordinary consumer customs, preventing incongruence with the anticipations of mainstream leisure travelers.

    Not an Impediment to Core Markets

    For most members of our core market, the deposit matter is either irrelevant or a benefit.  We often implement special requests by clients for professional local expenditures, long before their arrival.  Indeed, deposits are merely voluntary resources for most members of our core markets.  A deposit is generally not required with a billing or attorney-trust account, but may be voluntarily arranged for the benefit of client expenditures.


Best Values by Booking Directly in Advance