Niche Markets of Clients  whom  We Are Honored to Serve


Good Prominent People

Various niches of non-adversarial, well-intentioned business travelers find themselves in quandaries for business travel.

At some point in life, a highly successful person is likely to benefit from the solace of a safehouse. This often happens indirectly as a function of achieving a high profile and/or strong prosperity. Most people who achieve prominent success do so via hard work, respected morals, and responsibility—but others will sometimes try to exploit your success via opportunistic denigration.

  • Are you a prominent person who would benefit from the freedom and focus of blocking those who are causing problems for you?
  • Are you concerned about signs that a reporter, private investigator, ex-spouse, or other tormentor could start following you everywhere to try to capture moments that they would manipulate out of context?
  • Are you being troubled in a way that is too obtuse or complicated for ordinary public protection?

Often Misperceived

Lack of Empathy by the Populace

The most salient topic to mainstream travelers who are curious about us pertains to countersurveillance.  Until someone has been put into insidious, sophisticated peril—with risks facing themselves, their loved ones, their family, and/or the livelihoods of their company's investors and employees, many people do not readily comprehend the real and serious need for a moral, non-adversarial, well-intentioned person to need countersurveillance.

Considering the Broadly Known Plights
of Public Figures

Popular media self-exposure enables people to relate most easily by considering the plights of targeted celebrities and other public figures. Yes, celebrities and politicians certainly are magnets for cruel sensationalism and manipulative attacks to steal their fortunes and positions. A level-headed hypothesis would estimate that entertainment professionals comprise a statistically significant percentage of our markets. Regardless, for our practical purposes of protection, the concept of high-profile individuals extends far past household names of entertainers and dignitaries.

Risks to Fund Managers and Dealmakers

An important segment of our client base is comprised of fund managers, investment bankers who personally participate in confidential negotiations ("dealmakers," in banker parlance), and other discretionary investors.

Few discretionary managers of investment funds are household names, but they wield potentially lucrative value via information (negotiations and deals prior to announcements), status (making others careers by stepping on their good names), and, more directly, substantial funds. Therefore, from a practical perspective among potentially ruthless and sophisticated adversaries, they are indeed effectively vulnerable to the risks of high-profile individuals. The lure of fortunes and the lifting of careers of ambitious adversaries often leads to layers of complexity and sophistication that surpass public comprehension of the respective situations.


Most of our clients... ...are prudently upholding security,
avoiding the opportunistic wolves that can attack during cavalier exposure.

Some of our clients... ...come to us after they have been denigrated or subverted,
exasperated from mislabeling by the populace.


The following are illustrative examples.

From Jesus evading the Pharisees,
to persecution from the Gestapo,
through targets of manipulated lawsuits in the present,

good moral people have occasionally needed
the off-book hospitality and support of faithful keepers.

Executives and High-Profile Individuals  who Are  Ethical, Prudent, and Resourceful

Lost in Quicksand

Serious complications arise when relatively sophisticated and just countries simply rubber-stamp the extradition or civil decisions of dishonest ones. One of countless examples includes a textbook case that involves innocence that was absolutely proven by determined family members, but not until after catastrophe had already irreversibly occurred.

Ambiguous and Conflicting Laws

Among different countries and regions therein, serious conflicts and ambiguities in commercial and tax laws create impossible quandaries for ethical business with operations that are relevantly complex or novel. Associated individuals inevitably incur unjust accusations relating to taxes or securities, by self-serving, simple-minded bureaucrats and prejudicially superficial apathy throughout most countries.

Self-Defense Effectively Disabled

We know of an international businessman who, despite his ethical business habits, was targeted by corrupt administrators in another country. He was arrested in Switzerland, had all of his corporate and personal assets frozen around the world, and is now penniless, serving life in prison. As is commonly lamented by those who naively accept statutes and ethical practices as being reasonably dependable, he thought that his freedom and assets were reasonably secure, being diversified in stable and comparatively just countries. He did not sufficiently take defensive cover when the corrupt administrators began their legal poking, and did not buy himself the time to organize his legal fight. He left his defenses insufficiently secret, exposing opportunities for exploitation by his adversaries and preventing himself from having the resources of time, money, and freedom to be effective in exposing the falsity of the accusations until after he had been extradited, with no money for legal costs.

Diametric Mischaracterization

Sudden and Undeserved Losses of Reputation and Resources

One of several sources of inspiration for our services originated from the decades of experiences of a close associate and friend of our founders. Many of the details have now been declassified.

This friend had provided covert protection of US-friendly exiled heads of state. In particular, he arranged for secure, secret hospitality for two unrelated heads of state who, to this day, are each regarded by most civilians as having been abysmally dishonest and immoral scoundrels—not knowing that these leaders created and upheld important ally relationships with the US.

The denigration was fabricated from the rewritten history of the propaganda spread by the respective countries' subsequent leaders. What most Americans do not realize is that the leaders had been exiled, without cogent means of defending themselves, after denigration of their clandestine cooperation and support of interests of the United States. The defamatory profiles were twisted out of context from reality, and the actual impetus by the successors of the denigration was to push out Western influences—contributing to some of the United States' worst troubles of the present.

Our associate did not betray these former leaders like the rest of the world. He kept them healthy, safe via untraceable whereabouts, and relatively comfortable. An inspirational example is how one of these friendlies had been secretly kept at a US military base.

Although it kept him safe, the base was lonely, boring, and utilitarian. He dreamed of a particular US beer that had been a favorite indulgence of his with the US ambassador. As is characteristic of our associate's virtue of unwavering loyalty, our associate had a case of that particular beer flown by helicopter to that military base every week. The former leader was reminded every week that he at least had one friend who had not betrayed him.


The following text includes personal opinions submitted by a founding manager. There are no commercial interests or endorsements by the respective production, distribution, or talent principals in Dignitary Discretion.

Awareness Popularized by the Media

Occasionally, productions accurately reenact the nuanced tribulations of people in complex professional situations.

The general public tends to be able to comprehend the denigration and privacy risks relevant by considering the lives of celebrities.  Indeed, high-profile individuals face constant risks of security and denigration. Other professions tend to be too complex, minimally publicized, and uninteresting to be scandalized in tabloids.  However, some people in the entertainment industry empathize with other professions, and effectively portray the personal turmoil that most people disregard or are of which unaware.  Some of those professions provide launching pads of farces of movies and television shows, with seemingly unlimited access to global resources and wealth by vague business tycoons, or messages that self-destruct in thirty seconds in a puff of smoke.  Occasionally, however, screenplays uphold integrity in the cathartic revelations of real people, albeit usually enmeshed in an unrealistic fantasy of a tidy plot.

We identify these particular productions because they uphold the real-life portrayals of the inspirations of real-life professionals, who continue to suffer through alienating denigration caused by exploitations of lifelong moral dedication—what we know first-handedly to be the genuine ethics and hard work usually needed for the gradual developments of sensitive careers.

The visual action scenes of most of the high-budget, successful action productions are often wildly unrealistic, but the exemplified dramas above are noteworthy because they are full of rarely-publicized nuances of complexities that we personally know to occur among relevant professionals in certain circumstances. Whereas the general public watches for vicarious excitement with fantasies in the unrealistic action, people we know fantasize in the happy endings, with unrealistically simple vindications of goodwill from family and society. Applying that sense of vindication to practical relationship rebuilding, these productions can be low-friction resources for building understanding by friends and family of clients who find themselves isolated.


Suppressing Exposure to Exploitation

Is an adversary vying to exploit your rightful success?

Empower yourself with the freedom
to organize an effective defense and offense.

SEC Securities Defense Attorney
A wise strategy can be to rally with your counsel and devotees—
in a fortified position— to organize an effective victory against those who are trying to manipulate your success for their benefit.

This could be your crossroads to avoid becoming
another quickly-forgotten news story with a rough ending.

Vindicate yourself to fortify your
rightful reputation, success, and legacy.


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