Reservations via Online Travel Sites
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Comprehensive Services Require Direct or Other Private Service.

Most benefits for business, security, and extended hospitality are only available directly, via travel agents who provide personal service, and via business-services professionals.

Many services, features, and amenities that we provide as complimentary are inapplicable for reservations via major online travel agencies. We respect all clients, and we are reliably appreciative of any agency that entrusts us with serving their clients, but most online services have limitations on customization and descriptions of sophisticated services, and our ardent protection of client confidentiality often conflicts with their consumer-efficient operations.

Standardized Databases of Travel Amenities and Services

Limitations and conditions apply to all services, specifications of locations, and amenities, especially to descriptions of our policies and provisions that are stated by third-party travel sites, regardless of whether such provisions immediately reference any restrictions.  Please ask for more information pertinent any services or amenities that would be significantly important to you. 

We often must pay for the costs to give you levels of quality and sophistication that include customarily insignificant resources of large luxury hotels. When a service or amenity commonly found at luxury hotels for complimentary guest usage cannot efficiently or effectively be delivered to you, we typically pay for discreet luxury transportation for you to be taken to a local resource that would usually be at an overall far greater caliber of extensiveness and quality of provisions than a little amenity of a hotel. Examples include business, fitness, and leisure services and amenities.

Booking Methods and Specific Audiences

Value-Oriented Types of Hospitality


In all of our marketing, we endeavor to be prominently clear that we are a boutique provider of niche services, not a mass-market generalist.

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  3. Please click here regarding our respectful recommendation of mainstream service providers if you prefer high-volume efficiency, mass-market frugality, or standard-security convenience.

Important Notices and Disclaimers

Comprehensive Services and Maximally Favorable Terms

Only Available with Direct Booking

Maximal Services

Many services, features, and amenities are reduced if booked via a third party.  The comprehensive sets of inclusions described in our Web site and other publications are based on the assumption of direct booking.  No services, amenities, or features are enhanced via third parties, and any promotional offers of upgrades by them are merely incomplete progressions towards our direct provisions.

Maximal Flexibility

We are happy to serve any well-intentioned traveler, and we are honored by the endorsement of us by those who collect reservations on our behalf, but the exceptionally complex and customized nature of our services means that we cannot offer the same customizations and flexibility for indirect reservations.

Except where specifically noted to the contrary, the policies described on our Web site and other publications assume direct booking.  Limitations and deposit requirements are upheld for those who make arrangements via a third party, and additional restrictions apply in accordance with the respective booking terms of the third party. 


As your itinerary, support staff, companion travelers, needs for equipment and services, and other variables change, we can best accommodate you when you have booked directly.  Otherwise, even minor changes usually would require the full cancellation of a reservation from a travel site.  Most direct changes can be made at little to no cost to you.

The policies herein for modifications and cancellations at no cost are subject to additional restrictions of online travel agencies. Acceptance by us of a third-party arrangement, and any allowed exceptions to our standard policies, shall be considered specific to that particular exception, without the replacement or deletion of any other policies, and such allowance may be revoked if other policies are not upheld.

Guaranteed to Maintain Continuously Lowest Rate

The different packages of agents are often priced differently from our direct packages.  One reason that packages offered by third parties are less comprehensive than our direct packages is because of their database limitations, especially pertinent to all-inclusive and privacy services. If you encounter a price from a third party that is lower than our price directly, we shall upgrade you to the more expansive package that we offer and also reduce the price to match theirs for their lesser package.  Any such adjustments are

Place your reservation for the best possible value.  We will match any price on the market for the same caliber of package, for the same type of suite, in the same location, now and in the future.

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