Dignitary Discretion

Dignitary-Style Counter­surveillance Protections for High-Profile Individuals Loyal Support for Good Natured, Non-Adversarial Clients

Valuable Protections  for  Honorable Executives

Many people who have relatively simple lives and reasonably low-profile professions tend to misunderstand the vulnerabilities that you face as a prominent individual or as a function of your good-faith profession.  Some people have the naïve notion that living a properly lawful life, with no intentions of ever hurting anyone, would prevent delicately complicated situations that legitimately require secrecy. 

The popular lack of empathy often scuttles any recognition that dishonorable adversaries relentlessly attempt to exploit your influence or assets.  Being forsaken can be exasperated by heartless (but carefully avoidant of realistically enforceable illegality) adversaries who routinely leverage soft targets—manipulating, cajoling, and even coercing friends and family. (In this context, a soft target refers to an exploitable person or entity not trained or equipped for sophisticated adversaries.) A more-difficult-than-it-sounds lesson in countersurveillance training—especially when training civilians and NOC rookies who cannot reference a simple blanket of obvious professional duty—is to prevent entire categories of topics from exposure to loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Even when your rightful need for secrecy is explained with sage refinement, trusted members of inner circles often respond with feeling insulted or suspicious.

We can help to avoid those awkward situations, and to help to disable the manipulations of your adversaries.

Please click here for information about our necessarily limited size, and how our professional focus on good-natured intentions enables us to fortify our clients' privacy. Simultaneously, we are realistically categorically safer from major threats compared to the rudimentary consumer procedures of customary hotels—which are primarily aligned at the level of discouraging towel thefts. We would be the worst kinds of people to know for anyone of adversarial or exploitative postures.


Confidentiality Your Work and Data

The Critically Weak Link of Hotels Among Otherwise Reasonably Secure Dwellings of Offices and Homes.

For example, hotel rooms are notorious for their porousness—with streams of little-known, high-turnover workers who can be easily coerced, manipulated, bribed, and impersonated. These workers identify you by your recorded ID, overhear your conversations, look at your papers and computer screens, and have access to your possessions—with hardly any formidable barriers or severe accountability on access.

Compounding the damages, hotels are disproportionately frequented
during situations of greatest adversarial interest.


Please click here to learn about how Dignitary Discretion empowers your control of access.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures

TSCM  beyond  Relevant Military Specifications

Be productive with resources of a technically advanced office or command center. Many of your powerful protections surpass the sophistication of what is readily available commercially.

A primary business of ours, for which hospitality services are merely a marketing vehicle to introduce us to potential clients in our niche markets, pertains to executive-relevant countersurveillance.  If the associated costs are worthwhile for you, we can provide military-specification—yet business-relevant—countersurveillance technology and methods for you, your computers, your phone calls, and your E-mail.

Services and technology are only for non-malicious applications that are legal in the US.

Location-Stripped • Seriously Encrypted

Limited usage of high-security calls and E-mail is free while you are receiving regularly priced, standard services from us, including international calls. If your equipment cannot accommodate the necessary configuration requirements, we will work with you for non-encrypted alternatives that provide at least basic anonymity. If possible, we recommend coordinating with us as far in advance as possible, ideally more than two weeks before your services. You are in control of protocols and encryption. Limitations and exclusions apply, particularly pertaining to discounted and promotional rates that are reserved online via consumer travel services. For the sake of efficiency, unless you request otherwise, the complexity of the technical surveillance counter-measures will be less than they would be if we were establishing a long-term system for you.

Security-EnhRomantianced Phone Calls

With limitations on introductory free services while traveling, we provide for multi-layered, location-stripped, single-instance, salted encryption that would theoretically consume years of dedicated processing by the world's most powerful supercomputer to decode a single call, and then would need to be repeated with your next call.

Internet and E-mail

For security and reliability, we can coordinate with you for offshore-encrypted Internet access, disabled from being directly traced electronically, at no charge.

For sensitive communications, we prevent your whereabouts from being traced via the Internet or for your Internet usage to be intercepted.  If you are unsure whether you have clean equipment, we have optionally available systems that surpass relevant MILSPEC technology at the TS//SCI level, lawfully beyond what is readily available commercially.  That level of security surpasses what is readily available commercially, and is enabled via separate technologies including location-stripped, internationally parsed, multilayered VPNs with salted single-instance encryption for your Internet. Your E-mail is further protected by additional layers of internationally parsed, singe-instance, salted encryption.

Multiple unrelated layers of premium-grade closed systems are used, surpassing relevant MILSPEC TS//SCI requirements. Hardware firewalls with multiple layers of UN-contracted antimalware is included at no charge with Business Catalysts, packages of the Executive Collection, and with regularly priced weekly/monthly Signature hospitality.

These protections bypass exposures to a wide variety of vulnerabilities, as would otherwise be present with, for example, direct Tor connections.

Security of Ethernet or Convenience of Wi-Fi
Enhanced-security Ethernet is recommended and free with advance request for most packages, particularly with weekly and monthly services.

We can help to enable powerful security for your data and Internet activity during your stay with us.

Lower-security hospitality clients usually prefer Wi-Fi, although any Wi-Fi system—no matter how modern or sophisticated—is inherently porous, with a variety of uncertain vulnerabilities. Fortunately, regardless of the connection method, if an adversary does not know where you are, our connectivity is difficult to target—as long as you have not left breadcrumbs, provided information to soft targets (friendlies who can be manipulated), and have not otherwise been tracked (under our core business of countersurveillance via contracted legal services, we can provide professional assistance in these areas—please ask).

Most of our clients choose our services because we carefully maintain the confidentiality of their location, and, as such, targeted espionage by sophisticated adversaries is sufficiently suppressed to the point that the inconvenience:security ratio is not worthy of an Ethernet connection, in their minds. As professionals, we have never encountered a client who wants to use Wi-Fi who also had maintained sufficiently consistent protections to prevent tracking, and we advise all clients to opt for wired Ethernet, but we ultimately adhere to our clients' wishes.

Because the majority of business travelers prefer Wi-Fi, we provide Wi-Fi by default, but please let us know if you would prefer the greater security of a wired Ethernet connection. In general, with most rate plans for most package types at most whereaboutss, we can provide wired Ethernet with at least two weeks' advance notice, usually at no additional charge. Reimbursement of our actual costs applies with Rabbit Hole Refuge and specially discounted Signature.

Security-Oriented Data Storage

As much as possible, the concierge maintains your records remotely, under multiple layers of encryption for transmission and storage, parsed into packets on multiple servers in neutral offshore countries.  Temporarily local working files are generally stored under multiple layers of encryption.  After your stay with us, most of your data normally remains parsed among those servers under multiple layers of encryption and accessed under salted single-occurrence encryption.

Optional Equipment

An aspect of our motivation of providing hospitality services so that we can demonstrate our value to potential clients pertains to seriously powerful countersurveillance.  For additional fees, we can provide you with an extraordinarily secure, full-featured computer system, which would also provide you with the productivity of being connected to two large monitors and a full printer.  If you are willing to abide by the inconvenient protocols and incur the reasonably affordable costs, we can uphold a broad spectrum of sophistication that generally surpasses many TS//SCI intelligence specifications.

Privacy Policies of this Web Site
  • No Cross-Marketing or Selling to Third Parties

    Although we would hope that no actual client would ever wonder, we explicitly commit that your information shall never be sold to, or cross-marketed with, a third party.

    Our proprietary Web site has zero cookies, and no information about you is collected. (As a reminder, be sure to clear cookies, super-cookies, and spyware from previous sites that indeed can track everything you visit.)

    Please click here to learn about how we are protectively private and discreet, with extraordinary efforts of compartmentalization.

  • Online Reservations by Sabre™

    Our distribution services—including our online reservations—are administered by Sabre Corporation, which also administers the distribution of most of the world's largest hotel chains. Because any online reservation interface that is robustly sophisticated and reliable would realistically require scripts (at least based on current browser technology), we deliberately keep it completely separate from our informational site, with no overlapping of scripts or cookies. For mitigated exposure, you are welcome to place a reservation via a VPN.

    When placing a reservation, you may identify your name by whatever self-reference you prefer. Please click here to learn about how we support your privacy with no ID required.

    We have established with Sabre not to require a credit card for English-speaking reservations (our alternative to specifying the US and US-friendly countries—and therefore tracking your whereabouts or unjustly blocking dispersed/VPN hosting).

    Please click here for your extraordinarily diverse payment options.

    If you would prefer to pay for your fees via a credit card, please click here to learn about our sophisticated methods for supporting your compartmentalized privacy with card transactions.

  • Protective Formatting
    No Scripts • No Fetched Images from Third Parties • No APIs
    on Our Informational Site

    The use of the potent scripting languages is customary for easy and consistent quality of formatting, but we use no Java™, Flash™, or third-party graphics.

    Using pure CCS and HTML, combined with our compartmentalized tight team (who is uncomfortable with high-profile publicity), we are prevented from many of the tools for a pretty or consistently refined Web site, as would be customary of a mass-market company. Because we do not use scripts to overcome browser insufficiencies, if you are using a high-security, bare-bones system, or if you are on the move and relegated to an archaic device from your go-bag, this Web site will be even uglier—but we deliberately structured it so that you will be able to access all information. There is no fetching of third-party graphics or interactivity.

    Not for Ostentatiousness or Social Media

    We discourage public forums of social media as severely porous for privacy, and our Web site does not provide for social-media interaction.

    If you want a pretty Web site with cushy scripts, smart picture formats (which could be embedded with spyware), third-party map fetching, and cookies that remember you "for your convenience," you're probably better with a mainstream service anyway. If that describes you, you probably also would prefer all the user-traceable, high-exposure social networking and reviews associated with a customary hotel.

    Please click here to learn about how we are not structured for mass-market consumers.

    Non-Encrypted Web Site
    Of Significant Explanatory Relevance

    We are occasionally asked by clients about the lack of encryption on our informational Web site.  Considering that we are aware of at least some clients who questioned the sophistication of our privacy because of this issue, and that many others probably never take the time to ask, it deserves an explanation.

    Optimal Anonymity with Accessible Relevance

    If a Web site can be constructed to be unilaterally information-only, with no scripts or cookies, a dynamic IP without encryption is preferable for non-tracked anonymity.

    Without delving into nuanced—and admittedly debatable—complexities that are beyond the scope of this site, a couple of brief references provide a validated conceptual perspective on the concept of needlessly encrypted Web pages that unilaterally present information.  

    1. The primary relevant compromise pertains to the theoretically potential opening of bilateral exposures by certificate authorities.  For sites that require professional private-sector privacy or back-channel diplomatic interaction, there is a paradigm solution for independent Web sites: they self-certify.  Our friendlies are often dynamically hosted in Tel-Aviv, Switzerland, and/or the Netherlands. The most intensively private methods are impractical for use with public browsers that enable simple and efficient validation for consumers and routine business users who visit countless Web sites, and requires tedious manual updates for each site. 
    2. Dating back to its former days of Agency-friendly support for enabling of US foreign agent assets (albeit not a primary resource for internal officers) to communicate, the NSA has been a sustainer of Tor, after being initially being designed substantially by the US Naval Research Laboratory.  The power of Tor's privacy is—paradoxically—in its untraceable, publicly parsed data, with no identifiable targets for adversaries to try to infiltrate.  (This is conceptually analogous to our use of many facilities, instead of single hotel structures.)

    The aforementioned example has led clients to broach the question of why we are not on Tor. We are a private-sector business that needs to avail itself to its primary markets: prominent leaders, financiers, and other high-profile individuals. Even among our niche of small, office-based US PMCs, VPNs with the regular Internet are the mainstay. (Large PMCs already have their own resources, and normally would not need us.) Pertaining to a troublingly large percentage of other Tor users, we go to awkward lengths to discourage criminal and other bad-faith markets from ever being tempted to have anything to do with us. (Apart from our moral imperatives, a single bad situation with an unqualified client would be unaffordable for our limited-resources business.)

    Adobe and Flash are trademarks of Adobe Systems Inc.
    Java is a trademark of Oracle Corp.
    We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by Adobe Systems Inc or Oracle Corp.

    Sophisticated Perspectives for Oversimplified Concepts

    We have found that the example of Web site encryption helps new clients to develop an expanded perspective beyond simplified commercial concepts.

    As the world's ultimate role model for tight counterespionage, successful countersabotage, and austere countersurveillance, the mesmerizing fieldcraft of Moss NOC ops stands as the leader among leaders, an inspiration to the Agency and the Service, maintaining superlative excellence while traveling clean.  The manager who authored this topic is personally aware how overwhelming first-hand experiences have brought at least some people in the IC to recognize the Divinity of the Chosen People. From Jericho to the present, Israeli fieldcraft has been the ultimate source of wisdom for relevant national interests, and now the private interests of Dignitary Discretion. At the broadest level, our hospitality is based on the safehouse paradigm, not the fortress paradigm.

    [Editing note: Our Sabre-administered booking engine is indeed encrypted, and is aligned with the fortress paradigm.]

    For relevant sermon notes from a now-retired field chaplain-deacon, please click here.

    To learn more about our safehouse paradigm, please click here.

    No Requirement for External Content

    We do not use free Webfonts.

    A contractor provided us with an insight of a perceptual concern: our emphasis on font styling perhaps indicates a philosophy of useless luxury versus specialized security. If one client took the time explicitly to broach such a rarely discussed concern, others probably have the same perception.  The impetus is actually the opposite: an instinctive habit from the old days versus red SIGINT is to apply fonts with consistently focal thoughtfulness to communicate concepts.

    For Web concerns, we enable redundancies and mitigate risks of third-party font fetching (regardless, a VPN is a matter of basic prudence to suppress these and a wide variety of other risks).

    For years, we resisted the importing of fonts, and we certainly would not fetch online free free fonts from Google™—regardless of the widespread culture of Web hosts. Such external fetching is usually tracked and can risk opening doors to compromised exposure, via legalistic manipulation or embedded wormholes.

    Most travel agencies and other non-client users do not share your degree of diligence in austere security. Therefore, we pay premium licensing fees to the Canadian company Adobe™ to satisfy those ancillary users, while sustaining your ability to have script-free safety with no tracking.

    Nevertheless, feel free to maintain your block on external Web site content. We enable multiple redundancies to convey the same concepts via contingency fonts that almost any computer, pad, or smartphone would natively provide.

    Google is a trademark of Google LLC.
    Adobe is a trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.
    We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by Google LLC or Adobe Systems Inc.


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