Dignitary Discretion
Romantic Sovereignty by Dignitary Discretion

This page is of limited pertinence, regarding operations.


Not for Blind Assets

We respectfully offer clarity to avoid any misguided contemplation of using us for blind assets, especially not a honeypot op.

Our trustworthiness as a safe haven for G2-supporting, US friendlies would be shattered if we were to be misused for manipulation, and we would serve no logical benefit for misuse, even under reverse psychology. AMCITs with TS clearances have plenty of options, but we need to maintain our trustworthiness for the US IC. A private, disposable resource like us would obviously be burned if we were deemed to be compromised.

Cheap motels are overtly registered to tangos for potentially embarrassing honeypot scenarios, and furnished apartments are used with legends, but any frosty keeper would resist a request to compromise the purpose of a safehouse.  Safehouses are inherently intended to be generic resources, but there are far less variable-laden alternatives if one were to consider the misapplication and mishandling of a blind asset.  Moreover, the deliberately thin bona fides would be needlessly self-defeating for circuitous leverage.