Private Service

Personally Supportive to You 24 Hours Wellbeing • Confidentiality • Rightful Business Progress • Honorable Stature

Our Unique Safehouse Paradigm

Compartmentalization as a Fundamental Aspect

Single Point of Contact

Without compartmentalization, you customarily would be exposing yourself, your possessions, and your activities to large pools of little-known, high-turnover hotel laborers.

Moreover, with sophisticated and dedicated business and personal support, you will not be relegated to the inefficiencies and limitations of wrangling with complex business deals on your own.


Your Primary Point of Contact


Your Concierge

Personal Service to Enable Comprehensive Customization  and  Compartmentalized Confidentiality

Your Loyal Confidant

A concierge/keeper will be assigned to you who will be your primary contact. In the manner of a traditional station keeper or dignitary handler while traveling, your concierge directly and indirectly coordinates almost everything for you. As much information as possible about your stay is compartmentalized to your concierge. Doing so minimizes hypothetical espionage routes and targets.

Routine hospitality matters are personally managed by your small team of professional keepers, generally contracting through individually selected delegates who do not have any way of knowing who you are.


Scheduling and Coordination


Confidential Convenience, 24 Hours

Sophisticated Resourcefulness  for  Your Business Complexities

The following are the normal compartmentalization protocols, but you are welcome to provide special instructions to your senior concierge/keeper.

  • Prior to your arrival, your identification is only known to your senior concierge.
  • During your stay, knowledge of your exact location is vertically compartmentalized to your concierge and direct service providers, but only your concierge maintains your identity set. Subordinate hospitality workers only know the legend you specify, and do not know of intriguing protocols that would indicate any particular secrets.  For high-profile individuals, and for anyone who is at risk of targeting by sophisticated or determined adversaries, we recommend our Executive Luxury, thereby making the circle smaller and comprised of workers who are individually selected for their personas of loyal discreetness. 
  • After your departure, your financial and hospitality identification is partially de-compartmentalized for reconciliation accounting and other finance.  No information would be revealed that would not be relevant to reconciliation, billing, refunds, or legal compliance.

You should expect that you and you and your concierge will need a few stays with us to iron out our compatibilities, enabling him to have an efficient understanding of how to serve you optimally, and enabling you to understand how to work conveniently with our protocols.



In support of dignitary-style personalized service and compartmentalization, your concierge is happy to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you reach his or her voicemail, please leave a detailed message, for which your concierge will be notified, and will return your call as soon as possible, often acting on a triage basis in coordination of multiple clients, multiple service providers, and variable situation elements.

Automatic Routing

Messages and calls directly to us are automatically routed as much as possible. Unless specified for a different destination, any available data of your E-mail, phone number, or name will usually route you to your designated concierge. Nevertheless, we recommend using your concierge's extension and E-mail address for optimally reliable and efficient service.

Direct Routing

Excluding consumer-discounted services, we can establish end-to-end encrypted communications between you and your keeper, at no charge, upon request. Voice calls bypass the telephone network, and E-mail messages do not traverse third-party E-mail servers or use E-mail Internet protocols.  Sufficient computer technology is required, but we can rent or sell you a clean computer, preconfigured for powerful countersurveillance.  Optionally, we can establish a network for your friendlies. 

In support of the compartmentalization, and for better coordination of service, we use multiple identification and locale technologies (not merely your phone number or E-mail address) so that self-identifying calls and E-mail messages believed to be pertaining to you would be routed automatically to your concierge).  Most lawyers do not strip their calls or E-mail messages.  Most US/UK-authorized PMCs, free-world IC assets, and defense contractors obviously prefer direct connections.  Regardless, most incoming calls to us are stripped of data, and our systems are not confused by that; such calls to one of our unencrypted PSTN DIDs simply require traditional entries of an extension number.

Classification and Qualification

Albeit necessarily off-book from S or TS structured compliance, your senior concierge voluntarily respects and sustains--non-binding legally, but duty of honor personally--all classification and caveat declarations.  Compliance and maintenance of DoD formatting is unofficially upheld for eyes-only, E-mail, and printed materials. Unless focally needed by you and cautiously evaluated by you, no other personnel, contractors, or aligned service providers should be exposed or assumed to be competent and diligent regarding classification, and sensitive information should be minimized only to what is practically relevant to our services for you, which normally is structured for no NTK and information kept under your control.


Tight Compartmentalization

In a realm categorically beyond almost any other commercial hospitality or business-services operations, your senior concierge is resolute in compartmentalization austerity.  If a client chooses to be cavalier with disclosures (perhaps deliberately—we would never know, for example, if some or all services are intended to disburse diversionary breadcrumbs while separately protecting an asset), we would accordingly consider the associated information to have been voluntarily squeezed from the tube. 

To avoid exposure of a swath of breadcrumbs and location awareness, the concierge must parse anonymously stripped instructions vertically (delegating the day-to-day semi-skilled hospitality to limited-occasion contractors, who generally never are even told the phrase "Dignitary Discretion.")

For controlled secrecy, horizontal compartmentalization is tightly restricted, which means that your concierge has the friendly role of being your point of contact for all interactions with Dignitary Discretion, including all of your calls 24 hours, persisting after your present services have concluded. These are the same protocols often used by US federal/military liaisons with high-value US friendlies who have various exposure vulnerabilities.


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Agents • Representatives

Direct Communications

Reinforcing Respect for You, while Maximizing Unique Benefits for Your Clients

We respect and fortify the professional relationships of attorneys and travel agents who provide corporate or personal service, and other third parties. We encourage clients to communicate with us directly for maximally reliable, timely, secure, and accommodative communications.

In support of sustained loyalties, we ethically uphold and surpass industry norms for manually attributing reservations that are placed directly with us to clients' known personal-service/corporate TAs.


You can concentrate primarily on your priorities--we've got your six.