Executive Sovereignty--Upgraded Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion

Peerlessly Empowering You  in Your  Triumphant Business Journeys

You Now Behold the Ability to Empower Your Business Travels  with  Unfettered Success and Solace Based on Protocols for Independently Traveling US-Friendly Dignitaries
Unleash Your Business Progress Loyally Sophisticated Resources and Support for Your Executive Complexities
Beyond the Capabilities of Customary Hospitality. The portfolio of sophisticated specialties and dedicated services of Executive Sovereignty are unmatched by any publicly offered luxury hospitality in the the United States
Dedicated Butler Service with Private Ultrauxury Villa in Newport Beach
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Specific to the Executive Sovereignty Upgrade For the benefits applicable to all Executive Luxury services, please click here.
Applicable Chainwide To provide dependability to our core niches who stay with us in multiple locations,
specifically listed features and benefits are the same chainwide. Exceptions apply to custom arrangements and specially discounted rates. Architectural structures and interior designs vary among the locales, but specific mandates of modern luxury are applied (unless you approve otherwise, particularly with special requests or exceptional benefits).
Individualized for You Based on whatever is most important to you, and on relevant availability, within committed specifications. We endeavor to enable all special requests, regardless of the customary capabilities of ordinary five-star hospitality. Most special requests are optimized at no extra cost, after collaborating in advance.

This realm of hosted dignitaries categorically supersedes customary structures for business travel, empowering you with versatile facilitation and the freedom of unhindered progress.

The structure of Executive Sovereignty maximizes your flexible resources leading to a pivotal moment of deal-making triumph. An exquisite luxury villa awaits your arrival, empowering you to take command of the success of your business travels with a comprehensive array of modern executive accouterments and sophisticated business resources that are pre-customized for facilitating your business endeavors.

Your accommodations are uniquely equipped to be aligned with our spectrum of unique services—from countersurveillance to in-suite off-book personal assistance.

Your loyally dedicated team attends singularly to you, 24 hours, for the ultimate in private service. Servants' quarters are adjacent to your separately bolted dwelling.


Detached Villa to Support Countersurveillance-Backed Privacy

Off-book freedom unleashes you to focus on the important matters of your non-adversarial, rightful success—away from the relentlessly draining legal manipulations and denigration of those who attempt to steal your success. Countersurveillance is fortified with exterior thermographic control and sound cancellation, and exterior maneuverability (such as going to offices for meetings) is supported with less exposure compromises.

Remote Compromise and General Security from Infiltration

TSCM is professionally enabled for the lawful protection of dignitaries, investment bankers managing sensitive deals, and executives, and other lawful applications.

Your perimeter and interior are secured from human and device infiltration.

Enhanced Protections
Thermographic Perimeter Control
Visual Anti-Surveillance HUMINT and VFR/Biometric
Audio Countersurveillance Including Laser-Vibration Protections

Complimentary chauffeuring is discreetly provided to and  from the enclosed garage of your villa.  The villa is directly attached to the garage, and the garage is exclusively yours.  Wherever you want to go, we would be happy to take you there in off-book freedom.

We are happy to provide you with professional coaching on easy but little-known countersurveillance methods for your public forays, relevant to your lawful and honorable intentions. (Scheduling a driver with antitracking skills would require advance scheduling and separate charges.  As always, our policies of US legality and non-adversity apply.)


The Mansion Lifestyle

Your Luxury Estate

Not an Institutional Room among Floors and Wings Ceaselessly Maintained 24 Hours By Your Team of Dedicated Servants

Stay focused and organized without being squeezed into a dainty hotel room with workspace that is smaller than the desks of your entry-level workers at your office.

Spaciousness Minimum of Two Thousand Square Feet Minimum of Two Bathrooms Separate from Your Servants' Quarters
Productivity and Maneuverability   Adaptability to Unexpected Opportunities and Situations   Greater Customization for Your Preferences
Extensive Resources   Countersurveillance Technology   Restful Luxuries   Business Equipment
Entertaining of Your Visitors   Securely Unobserved and Off-Book Freely Relaxed Interactions Established Trust of Your Responsibility and Sophistication   Limitless Ability to Obtain and to Present with Aplomb Tableware • Presentations for Business Meetings

Restful Bedding

Beyond Luxury Love Hotel

Pristinely Exquisite Master Bathroom

You will have a designer bathtub separate from the shower, and at least one of the following characteristics.

Please click here to learn about your complimentary in-suite bath services.

Luxury Bath Services and Massages

Vichy hydromassage tables require particular bathroom characteristics, for which there is limited availability. Please provide an advance request if you would like a Vichy shower table.

Pristine and Modern

Your accommodations will have been deeply cleaned to antimicrobial and hypoallergenic standards, with no prominently visible pervasiveness of damage or wear to the structure or furniture.

Housekeepers do not have keys; antimicrobial housekeeping is discreetly maintained 24 hours under your access control, including screening of their bodies and paraphernalia.

Please click here for more information about your dignitary-style security and pristinely health-conscious cleanliness.

With the exception of Beverly Hills, your accommodations will have been constructed since the 1990s, and furnished with exquisite designer furniture.

For the outsourced fulfillment of custom requests, with your consent for the possibility of construction since 1990, we would at least require deep remodeling—not merely repainted and refurnished—since the 1990s, still meeting all of our other specifications for modern, clean, designer furniture without a pattern of prominently visible damage or wear.

Variations of age or the presence of visual blemishes may occur, particularly as a function of emergency accommodations, client special requests, or lack of reasonably sufficient advance awareness by us. Please collaborate with your concierge in advance regarding any particular health or allergen protections that would benefit you.

As with any regularly priced services reserved directly from Dignitary Discretion or from a travel agent who provides personal service, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Entertainment for a Modern Executive

Entertainment Systems
4K Ultra High-Def
Blu-ray Player
A collection of complimentary movies is custom-preordered based on your preferences.
HD Streaming of Premium-Caliber Entertainment
Complimentary and Based on Your Preferences
Surround-Sound and Wireless Headsets

The above electronics are conditional on regularly priced payment in full, including full deposit, to clear at least one week in advance. Streaming and recorded media are subject to limitations of popular availability.


Facilitating Your Realm of Success