Payment Acceptance

  • Because payment in full (including the deposit, unless you have a billing or attorney trust account) must have successfully cleared for the commencement of any services (including dispatching a chauffeur to the airport), please make sure to coordinate with your concierge with enough time for funds to clear based on your preferred payment method. We offer an extraordinarily wide variety of payment methods.

    Services shall not commence until payment in full has successfully cleared. Until then, details of planned services are pre-planned, but are not finalized, guaranteed, or fully implemented. "Payment in full" refers to all fees, taxes, and (if no attorney-trust or invoicing account has been fully established) the deposit.

    Relevance to Weekly Bonuses

    Most packages include bonus leisure excursions and/or pampering as a benefit to staying with us for entire weeks. In order to arrange for weekly leisure activities/pampering, payment for the respective week must have been received at least two weeks' prior. In the event that such prepayments were not to have been received, you will still receive the same quantity and type of gifts/activities as though you had made such prepayments, but they will be delayed by up to two weeks after full respective payments are received, discontinuing (if applicable) upon the termination of your tenure.

  • Payments must be lawful, and the assets must be unencumbered from any restrictions of liquidation or transfer. The following are examples.

    1. There must not be any attempt at defrauding anyone.
    2. We cannot conspire to be illegally evasive of taxes for any jurisdiction in the US or any country in which the US has a tax-enforcement reciprocation agreement.
    3. You or the owning entity under your full control must have unencumbered and lawful ownership.  The asset must not be subject to an adversarial dispute regarding ownership or unlimited use rights.  There must not be any limitation on how we would use, liquidate, restructure, break apart, or transfer the asset, unless preapproved by us after full disclosure by you on a case-by-case basis.  Exceptions apply to readily releasable liens held by major financial institutions, in which you clearly hold material equity.
    4. Kosher food and Kosher transactions
    5. Physical assets, such as vehicles and real estate, must be in thoroughly excellent condition, except as disclosed and accepted.  Most significantly, there must not be any history of flooding, mold, toxicity, questions of structural strength, or other damage/problems.
    6. Please do not contact us for any reason in any way if you have any possible association that could be deemed to be in conflict with US laws or regulations regarding nations and/or specially designated nationals (SDNs) that are officially blacklisted from commercial financial transactions.  Regardless of your own peaceful intentions, we are a private business that cannot be involved. Those countries and SDNs include, but are not limited to, sponsors of terrorism against the US and/or Israel.
  • Any acceptances of payments, applications of credit, and rights to reverse credit are at our discretion.  Upon any non-clearance, complication, questionability, or other perceived potential issue, you are responsible for providing an alternative form of payment.  If we must cancel a transaction, the respective asset (or the value retained by us deriving from such asset, if any) shall be first returned to you, provided that a third party has not intertwined us in a legal matter of encumbrance pertaining to you or your use of the asset.  (We wish to avoid the many potential complications that could derive from becoming intertwined into any legal disputes, which is a potential factor to why we might refuse a valuable payment; please do not become offended if we decline a payment as being an implication of a lack of value or your lack of lawfulness, and you should not construe any such refusal as being an advisory from us that you are not legally entitled to transfer such an asset to a third party.)

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