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Policies Referenced on This Site

Informal References and Notices Only, for Selected Terms and Conditions

This Web page provides an introductory collection of informal preambles, references, and notices to accompany routine transactions.

House rules, guest policies, and managerial discretion of Dignitary Discretion and outsourced facilities apply. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your particular circumstances. Each occasion of hospitality is custom, and we welcome the opportunity to optimize services based on what is most important to you.

Organization into headings and topical pages is merely for convenient referencing of terms, and no block of disclaimers should be considered comprehensive. In general, references to Web pages assume that you will seek greater detail for topics relevant to you via links thereon. The information herein does not represent the entirety of our policies, nor is it exhaustive in its references. Please contact us for your specific circumstances.

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