Your Arrival

Personalized Full Service  with  Discreet Dignity

Privately Bypass

Insidious Vulnerabilities • Mundane Indignities

We understand how the completion of a long journey is especially exhausting when confronted with standing in a line to hand a clerk your ID.


With most arrangements, your arrival is comprised of
a private welcoming at the airport--
not "Papers, please..."

Clandestine Handler


Preparatory Coordination  with  Every Reservation

Sustaining your reservation is conditional on
liaising with you in preparation of your arrival.

Confidentially Compartmentalized Regardless of any third-party statements, and regardless of your method of placing your reservation,
direct preparations with a concierge are necessary to uphold your reservation.

Please contact us
before you place a reservation,
or promptly upon placing your reservation.

Reservations Placed More than Three Days Prior to Arrival

If you do not successfully contact us within three days of your placing your reservation, and if we cannot reach you, your reservation will disappointingly be subject to cancellation.

Costs increase, and resources decrease, as the arrival window narrows; therefore, services are dependent on coordination beginning no later than the day of placing your reservation. Otherwise, you may cancel without penalty, or choose to have the current (often significantly higher) rates apply that are effective as of the date of initiated coordination. Because we would not know how to prepare for your services, if the reservation is not coordinated on the day of reserving, it disappointingly may be cancelled; if cancelled, all charges would be refunded.

You would be welcome to place a new reservation, subject to availability, but rates usually increase significantly in the months, weeks, days, and hours prior to arrival. These higher rates are due to higher internal costs and reduced availability of resources.

Reservations Placed within Three Days of Arrival

Preparations for hospitality that is reserved within three days of arrival must be custom-coordinated at the time of booking. Any reservation made without coordination at the time of placing the reservation would be subject to cancellation, and would need to be re-booked at the current rates, due to the intensively custom nature of urgent reservations.

Due to the escalating internal costs and the rearrangements of resources with urgency, rates for new reservations significantly increase in the months, weeks, days, and hours prior to arrival.

Almost anything can be customized in advance.

Each instance of services is custom, endeavoring to fulfill your preferences and circumstances.



Arrivals and Departures

Welcoming You 24 Hours


We will be glad to set appointments for your arrival and departure at whatever times you prefer—with chauffeurs, porters, and concierges happy to serve you at any hour of any day.

The initially scheduled arrival and departure times are merely preliminary, so that we can optimize your comfort and available benefits. Exact timing is progressively fine-tuned until within minutes of your actual arrival and departure.


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