Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion

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Pinnacle in Private Healthcare

Loyal 24-Hour Empowerment

  • Dignitary-Style Care Your Unique Resource Enabling Mission-Critical Postures for Upholding Your Stature  •  Security  •  Recovery

    Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion

    Cosmetic Surgeons  and  Concierge Doctors


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    An Important and Unique Resource

    For Our High-Profile, Privately Paying Clients

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    Dedicated Private Care and Support  for  Med-Surg Recovery of High-Profile Patients

    Solidly Licensed Annex
    Intensively Focal Compliance
    Continuously Dedicated 24-Hour Care RNs, NPs, Paramedics, PTs, and PAs.

    Not only do PTs provide extensively plentiful daily therapies, they discreetly (in business attire) accompany patients for their business and personal mobility. Even hospitality and janitorial services are primarily provided by sophisticated professionals, most of whom have had at least some field medic experience.

    Coordination Protocols and Policies
    Funded for Uncompromising Tx and Unhurried Private Care

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Your Dedicated, Compartmentalized Team

The Ultimate in Private Care

Dignitary-Style Dedication for Your Maximized Recovery and Sustained Functionality


Your 24-Hour Exclusively Dedicated Team

Consulting the World's Top Researchers in Your Relevant Sub-Sub-Sub-Specialties

Public standards of "Medically Reasonable" or even "Excellence in Care" would be shamefully cavalier compared to the uncompromisingly best-in-the-world demands that we tirelessly pursue. Services under Your Control, Coordinated with Our Support

Applying the ultimate in private service with a dedicated team, you will benefit from 24-hour sophisticated care, attending exclusively to you, providing executive services, ultra all-inclusive personal luxury, and knowledgeable coordination in support of your optimal medical care.

Parajumpers and HVA Package-Carriers

Parajumpers are the epitome of self-endangering, fast-lifesaving heroes—a spec-ops extreme version of paramedics. In addition to entering into battle theaters, contracted retirees are an important resource for foreign paramilitary operations, without referencing or carrying their official US identification: they must trespass and commit severely punishable crimes to hot exfil and then to cas-evac US field officers and contractors.) That kind of whatever-it-takes, unflinchingly loyal duty is in sharp contrast to the "I'm-not-comfortable-with-that" attitudes of most non-physician, non-military healthcare workers.

Parajumpers are world-renowned for their failure-is-not-an-option protection of high-value individuals, a posture that is coupled with rock-solid secrecy and tireless protection of you and your successful recovery. Their primary objectives are your successful recovery, sustained leadership activities, and secrecy.

Enlivening Nurses and Warmly Exuberant PTs
Carefully Subcontracted for Contentment and Care to Recovery

A parajumper's dedication is at the hero level of loyalty, but don't expect him to fluff your pillows. We coordinate nurses for that. For the ultimate in dedicated thoughtfulness and nearly limitless resources for your optimal recovery and comfort, gently sweet caregivers are compartmentalized with no NTK about your identity or circumstances.

Your nurses will be sweetly caring, with perky bedside manners for mood-lifting invigoration and encouragement back to strength. As a function of safety and care to keep you steady (particularly in the statistically risky activity of bathing or showering), and before the apathy of nurse burnout grows, most RNs and PTs are in their twenties: nimble, flexible, and fit. Most nurse practitioners are in their thirties, applicably educated with current medical knowledge. We would immediately arrange to replace any RN or PT if you were not to regard her as extraordinarily proactive with thoughtful care.


Compartmentalization Secrecy

Professional-level members of your 24-hour dedicated team uphold relevant protocols of S-classified and TS//SCI

Most tech and hospitality services are provided by contracted medics and specialists, whose Special Forces or similar field experiences demonstrated their ardent tenacity for secret protection of prominent leaders. Other services are usually provided by US military medics who are characteristically undaunted by covert HVI duty in HZs, which means that almost no requests you could possibly make would be regarded as excessively difficult. The customary restrictions for the efficiencies of public healthcare are abandoned. They have been hardened with a sense of duty for compartmentalized secrecy, unfamiliar to the comparatively soft, civil-law orientation of civilian nursing and healthcare administration.


Dignitary-Style Resources

Exceptional Facilitation of Rapid Recovery

Intensive Dedication

Extraordinary Protections to Avoid Medical and Infectious Complications


Exceptionally Advanced Equipment

Hospitals in the US maintain robust workhorses of standardized equipment, sustaining economic feasibility despite the downwardly-pressured rates of HMOs and public-health structures. Major capital expenditures primarily must be apportioned to the industrial-grade durability of equipment and facilities, and intricately precise equipment would be impractical for widespread deployments—often further simplified due to being relegated to standardized training for frequently rushed healthcare workers.

Equipment is efficiently deployed to large numbers of cycling patients, but the spread of MRSA and other antimicrobial-resistant diseases does not consider the overwhelming majority of effects of pathogen disbursement in medical facilities: deaths and complications from exasperations of weakened states, merely secondary or tertiary in causal contribution.

There are a few academic hospitals in the US that maintain relatively advanced equipment, but capital expenditures for their infrequent upgrades to the latest technologies are generally limited to allocations based on insurance-reimbursable, volume-supported treatments. The concentrated volumes of complex cases at the largest academic hospitals enable economic feasibility of more equipment, but usually not of intricately intensive non-standardized individualization by experts who are flown from around the world for single patients.

A German MD researcher associated with our group can arrange for your short-term or medium-term use of some of the most precise, latest, highest-caliber equipment in the world. Especially without the material risks of loss or damage from within major facilities, the costs tend to be relatively affordable for merely one unit on a short-term or medium-term basis, and we merely request reimbursements.


Restorative Sleep in Your Closing-Door Bedroom


Comfortable in your private luxury, and with the exclusive dedication of your nursing and support staff to your wellbeing, you will sleep soundly in quiet. Thousand thread-count cotton sheets adorn your dignitary-worthy bed. Bypass being institutionalized in an HMO-worthy utilitarian rack.

Your living room will be separate from your bedroom, and the executive accouterments envelop you in luxury and sophistication. Due to the need for coordination with a licensed medical facility, some features will be less elegant than standard Executive Luxury, with accessibility and functionality for medical care. In particular, flooring may be required to be devoid of carpets or rugs--unless you have no emergency, rolling equipment, or mobility issues. Regardless, the non-fixed amenities will generally be at the connoisseur level of luxury, with particular emphasis on whatever comforts are most important to you.


Countersurveillance with Compartmentalization

Dignitary Discretion supports your ability to receive exceptionally high-quality medical care, within the protections of compartmentalized secrecy. We surpass the inherent privacy protections of a med spa or surgical recovery retreat, with a paradigm specifically structured to prevent porousness of information control and whereabouts exposure, precisely at the time when you would normally be most vulnerable from your circumstances, and when you would be under the risk of exasperation by uncooperative service provider.

Categorically beyond HIPAA
Surpassing the Culture of Provider Efficiency, Childishly Subordinate Patients, and Legalistic Vulnerability

The gaping vulnerabilities of HIPAA and other privacy policies are functions of mainstream public application nationwide, with porousness to accommodate cavalier civilian insufficiencies, billing systems, and legal structures. HIPAA is not structured for austere secrecy, and most civilian healthcare workers leave wide vulnerabilities open for the benefits of efficiency and simplistic blanket policies. Realistically, almost any sophisticated, motivated adversary can exploit readily accessible judicial, regulatory, clandestine, technical, human relations with staffers, social circumstances, and regulatory misapplications.

HIPAA is primarily a non-technical set of obtuse, easily circumvented rules. Even if a healthcare group legitimately follows them, determined adversaries can easily infiltrate vulnerabilities. For example, many of the unskilled and semi-skilled disgusting jobs of a hospital or long-term care facility are instantly and easily available, with notoriously high turnover and simplistically instant background checks, enabling easy access to your room.

Simplistic Examples

The following are merely a few examples of our simplest, preliminary routines; individualized tradecraft can be discussed with legitimately interested clients. Merely the combination of these simplistic methods exceeds any relevantly alternative medical/hospitality solution, readily available to the public, of which we are aware.

  • TSCM: Single-instance multilayered encryption, with location stripping beyond relevant TS MILSPEC, is available for telephone, E-mail, and Internet, with limited complimentary use.
  • Disabling parabolic/laser surveillance with targeted white-noise machines is a reasonable first step, and countersurveillance sound-replacement is p.
  • Blackout curtains are effective at suppressing visual espionage, and significantly reduce thermographic surveillance.

Personal Security Dictated by You

You have control regarding security protocols.

Unlike the restrictions of public medical centers, and the bureaucracy and limitations of military hospitals, we are happy to facilitate and to cooperate with your armed personal protection detail.

Freedom from Childish Institutionalism and Social-Media Gossips

Set yourself apart from the nearly all-consuming restrictions on comfort and productivity that are normally ubiquitous. Your tight team is loyally discreet and respectful of your self-determined preferences, avoiding frivolously personal record keeping and potentially embarrassing visibility.


Sustain Your Presence at Meetings and Events

Be chauffeured in dignity by a suit-adorned "business advisor" (paramedic) for meetings and social events. Your attractively coiffed "secretary" (nurse) accompanies you for discreet medical support as needed, and, upon pre-arranged request, diverts eyes from any momentarily apparent maladies of yours. Portable medical equipment is readily accessible from your briefcase and your nurse's large purse.

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Dapper, Refreshed, and Feeling Strong

Sustain Your Confidence-Inspiring Image

Prevent a disheveled look of abandoned leadership during a time when people are looking at you most evaluatively.

Personal valet services are complimentary, with chambermaids sweetly and discreetly assisting with bathing and dressing needs. Licensed cosmetologists provide complimentary in-suite haircuts and other grooming.


Physically heavy dependency (such as lifting or supporting) and medical activities and must be separately provided by licensed professionals, whom we are happy to coordinate.

Loyal Discreet Chambermaid

No Ridiculous Hospital Gowns

Business and Spa Attire

Comprehensive Dressing • Versatile Support

Sweetly Caring Nurses

Loyally Serving Only You, 24 Hours

Private Personal Care

Discreet and Hygienic Grooming

Shaved, Trim, and Clean

Enduring Executive is a service of Dignitary Discretion's Executive Collection.
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Luxuriously Individualized Bathing

The abilities to shower and to shave while recovering are wrought with labor-intensive procedures and accessibility issues that are prohibitive for HMO-saddled hospitals, and wrought with dangers and time-consuming awkwardness at home. With your dedicated care of a team of RNs, physician assistants, and physical therapists in spacious luxury, extraordinary mitigations are available. We customize your facilities, equipment, and supplies with luxury-caliber spa exquisiteness and excellence (with some aspects necessarily deriving from the medical facility, depending on your circumstances), and we coordinate those resources with a private physical therapist and nurse, carefully mindful of special arrangements that are needed for you, especially anything specified by your physician.

Bathing will be customized based on your abilities, comforts, and preferences. A broad spectrum of limitations can be accommodated. You will have the facilitation to bathe in luxury each day in at least one of the following, complete with discreetly sweet pampering:

  • a roll-in shower with a bench or seat, sufficiently spacious for you and a nurse or physical therapist;
  • an appropriately accessible bathtub, sufficiently spacious inside and outside for exfoliation by a nurse or hydrotherapy by a physical therapist;
  • individually optimized luxury-spa paraphernalia for a pleasant and effective sponge bath; or
  • a Vichy hydrotherapy table.
Tandem Shower
Luxury Bath Service and Massages

Vichy Hydromassage

Custom Massages
By a Gently Caring Sub-Specialist Physical Therapist

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Custom Fine Dining

24-Hour Attended In-Suite Dining

Unlike a normal medical facility where you must wait for your institutional food-tray until they choose to distribute to your cell-block wing—and certainly with a prohibition on alcohol for all inmates inpatients—you will be politely attended with your gourmet favorites. Fine wines and connoisseur cocktails are custom-acquired and presented for your enjoyment. Your 24-hour custom cuisine and fine beverages are complimentary as our honored guest. You will not see any miniature plastic tubs of frozen juice or any of the little milk cartons that are distributed to schoolchildren. Annoying old hospital tables and plastic pink cups are replaced with fine white linens and crystal wine goblets.

We will customize all food and beverages based on whatever restrictions are actually necessary for you, substituting creatively for overall contentment. Almost any cuisine preferences that are readily available from local restaurants will be retrieved and brought to you, our treat.

Your enlivening turndown nurse will warmly soothe you each night with your choices of chocolate-dipped strawberries or elegant pastries with fine champagne, The Glenlivet 21 scotch, or Beefeater 24 martinis.

The Glenlivet and Beefeater are trademarks of the respective distilleries. Legal restrictions apply to alcoholic beverages.
Enduring Executive is a service of Dignitary Discretion's Executive Collection. Please click here for more information about maintaining your dignity and comfort with the fine-dining benefits of Dignitary Discretion's Executive Collection, including information about limitations and conditions.


Family and Romance

Unlike all the unromantic, non-private, childishly supervised, and undignified characteristics of hospitals, recovery wards, and assisted-living facilities, you can use your time away from work, and together with those visiting you, to build relationships.  We support your ability to enjoy life, instead of having nothing on which to focus except pain and medical treatments.  Your 24-hour dedicated servants are available to support their needs, including the special benefits for this particular package for complimentary local transportation, gourmet food, and fine beverages.

Individualization, Terms, and Conditions Apply

Each occasion of Enduring Executive involves extensive individualization for your needs and preferences. Please provide as much notice as possible so that we can better coordinate and optimize your services for your needs. Rapid responses are possible but involve inconsistent luxuries.

Dignitary Discretion does not provide medical services. Dignitary Discretion provides business services, executive services, and luxury hospitality--which can be coordinated with healthcare providers in licensed facilities. Services are for prominent individuals who face privacy risks and/or who must maintain professional activities during recuperation, not in conjunction with medical emergencies, immoral procedures, addictions, major surgery (other than non-complicated recovery from outpatient cosmetic surgery), or critically labile conditions. Please click here for more information.

Additional limitations and conditions apply. Please click here for more information, and please contact us for custom arrangements.