Promotions and Special Discounts

Additional Terms and Conditions

Promotional rates replace our permanent discounts for weekly/monthly stays. Packages with promotional rates often are subject to reduced services or greater restrictions. If you are unclear about inclusions, or if there is any specific aspect of services or amenities of particular importance to you, please contact us before you place your reservation.

  • Rates designated as promotional or otherwise specially discounted are not intended for intensive service, mission-critical resourcefulness, or superlative luxury. Goodwill rates are at or below our direct costs, and, as such, do not pertain to many services and benefits.

    Most services are all-inclusive, but many benefits and amenities are limited or inapplicable with specially discounted rates. Please collaborate with a concierge in advance for details, and for optimization based on whatever is most important to you.

    Specially discounted rates do not provide for the significant losses that are associated with an emergency relocation that is requested due to subjective preferences, nor is there a commercial function for refunds based on subjective opinions.

    Special discounts are conditional to reciprocated goodwill, mutually not breaching confidentiality or antagonizing by means of third parties or publicity.

    Examples of Specially Discounted Rates

    At-cost services are normally structured as reimbursable. The following are non-obligatory potential examples of goodwill occasions. 

    1. Because of the visibility of these rates on travel-industry databases, we particularly emphasize the policies for commissioned-officer military rates. Active or retired military commissioned officers from the US, UK, or Israel may receive services at cost, with volunteer internal labor. Please click here for more information.
    2. Professional courtesy is extended to some synergistic colleagues. Please click here for more information.
    3. Cancellations or reductions in group reservations and other non-sustained factors can motivate us to bestow rates that are less than our aggregate cost basis. Such rates are either individually negotiated on a case-by-case basis or are identified as specially discounted promotions.
    4. Rarely but most importantly, covert extraction assistance and interim housing is possibly provided for good-faith missionaries and related individuals who are endangered by countries that outlaw Judeo-Christian proselytizing.
    5. Specially discounted rates may be provided on a case-by-case basis to clients due to extenuating circumstances, with credits for balances applied as unrestricted vouchers toward future services.

    Rates for AAA™ are not considered specially discounted, and all associated benefits apply.

    AAA is a registered trademark of the Automobile Association of America. We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by the Automobile Association of America.

  • Specially Themed Promotions and Packages
     Based on a  Holiday or Event
    Christmas in Orange County

    Packages and promotions that are focused around a specifically dated event or holiday include modified services that are based on the event or holiday. Package rates may be higher or lower, but, regardless, such packages are subject to variations of theme-related benefits, outsourced variations of facilities, and exclusions from discount offers.

  • Qualifications

    Promotions, discounts, and bonus services are conditional.

    If any of the following requirements are not met, special discounts shall not be applicable, reverting to the currently best available rates.

    • Payments for the full amount (including the deposit, if applicable) must have successfully cleared at least one week prior to your scheduled arrival.  If your reservation is made less than a week in advance, all funds must have successfully cleared prior to the date of arrival.
    • Charges must be at least partially paid via check, attorney trust account, money order, wire, Bitcoin, or approved similar method, for no less than $2,750.  Remaining fees (if any), taxes (if any), and deposit (if any) may be paid by your choice(s) of any of our accepted forms of payment, such as credit cards.
    Promotion-Specific Qualifications

    Our confidentiality-respecting paradigm extrapolates to our avoidance of invasively automated validation. We trust in your maturity to determine whether the particular promotion or profession-based discount applies to you.

    Coordination Required Beginning No Later than the Day of Placing a Reservation Regardless of the Method of Reserving or any Special Requests

    A friendly concierge awaits hearing from you 24 hours for confidentially private service. Agency relationships are upheld. Costs increase, and resources decrease, as the arrival window narrows; therefore, services are dependent on coordination beginning no later than the day of placing your reservation. Otherwise, discounted rates would not apply, and the current rates that are effective as of the date of coordination would be charged. Because we would not know how to prepare for your services, if you do not collaborate with us within four days of arrival, the reservation disappointingly may be cancelled at that time or any point thereafter, and all charges would be refunded.

    Subsequent Corrections and Modifications

    We understand that the impersonal culture of e-commerce includes automation of qualifications. We are a sophisticated, individualized service that does not abide by adolescent restrictiveness or high-volume public consistency.

    If you accidentally apply codes that are inapplicable or combine offers that are mutually exclusive, we will simply invoice you for the difference.

    If you subsequently realize that you qualified for a discount, unless premium services have been provided in consideration for the lack of discount, we believe that the only honorable response would be to honor the discount retroactively.  Moreover, we ourselves will apply discounts if we notice that you qualify for one, unless (again) we provide you with premium services in consideration for your premium rates.

    We can usually upgrade any service at any time.  Please contact your concierge with any requests.

    Special discounts are conditional to reciprocated goodwill, mutually not breaching confidentiality or antagonizing by means of third parties or publicity.

    Any exception shall apply only to the isolated occurrence of a granting of an exception, without precedence.

    Standard Qualifications

    Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all other regular policies continue to apply.  For example, if you are booking directly, and if there is the abnormal occurrence of a reduction in available rates applicable to your reservation, you shall be credited the difference.

    Client Requirements

    All of our standard client requirements must be completely upheld, as introduced here.  As a function of our general business that is not intended to compete with customary lodging services, those requirements surpass the requirements of mainstream customers who are staying at ordinary hotels.