Client Relevance

Important Qualifications


Please do not misinterpret our discreet acceptance of members of our core market for a willingness to serve those with malevolence.

A serious caveat is that we only help kindhearted people, who have found themselves being immorally or wrongfully targeted.

The nature of our business requires that we especially must avoid legal and moral risks.  If any disqualifiers apply to you, your overall risk factors would likely be lower in almost any high-volume hotel anyway.  If you disagree with any of our stances, we respectfully suggest that there are innumerable hotels in any of our respective regions with lower rates and welcoming attitudes.


For your sake and ours, please take the disqualifiers seriously.

Although unlikely, we must prevent the theoretical possibility of a bad person to enter our midst. We must be specific, blunt, and prominent in preventing a deliberately immoral person from considering us to be relevant. To protect you and us from merely one bad person patronizing us (as opposed to the relative frequency of problematic activity at some roadside motels and rural campgrounds), we frequently allude to why an intentionally nefarious individual would want to be as far away from us a possible.

In the event of a violation of one of our qualifying policies, a violator shall be labile for all associated damages.


No Disrespectful Presumptions

Empathy for Members of Our Core Markets

Please do not be offended that we must explain what our core markets already know to be good-faith legitimacy. Some unsophisticated people do not readily understand the insufficiently protected tribulations of niche groups of morally lawful executives and prominent individuals, and some tend to be skeptical of matters that they don't understand.

We do not mean to show disrespect for our actual clients by suggesting we would look at you with suspicion with the disqualifiers herein. Our clients are intelligent and morally oriented.  We are able to persist with our services because miscreants self-disqualify out of self-protection and disinterest. One reason for the luxury orientation of our services is to provide a general filter; derelicts usually cannot afford our fees, and heartless scoundrels tend to flaunt their spoils with the conspicuous consumption of traditional luxury hotels.

The identification of disqualifiers addresses the concerns of some anxiety-prone third parties who psychologically tend to conjure paranoid delusions that are salacious, fearsome, or conspiratorial when presented with elements of counterintelligence, money (demonstrated by five-star-plus fees and our services for financiers and celebrities), power (demonstrated by our services for executives and officials), and secretive exclusivity. 

The boring—but comforting—reality is that people tend to grow in their success and prominence only with prerequisite values that earn the confidence of others.   On average, people in our core markets tend to have levels of moral fortitude and charisma that are also at the top percentiles of this country.  Disappointing both ends of the spectrum of what we have heard from some people, no, we're not comprised of movie-like spies who live in a world of constant excitement and thrills, nor have we ever encountered any movie-like nemesis to that image.  By contrast, we indeed know and support

  • investment bankers under severe stresses of outsiders trying to gain investment edges,
  • high-profile individuals who are stressed over the unjust demands of others,
  • privacy-deprived leaders who want some time together with their spouses,
  • good people whose most treasured assets—their character—has been exploited in manipulative civil suits, and
  • a wide assortment of heartbreaking situations of people who need to regroup.
For Social-Media Addicts
Who Naively Believe that Goodness Enables Constant Openness

(Unless you are uninfluential or have little value for which others will manipulatively fight)

Please consider circumstances when illegality can arise by enabling others to connect morsels of information that you do not diligently hide. One of many examples pertains to some anticipated transactions of publicly traded companies.

Misaligned Markets

Our unique paradigm is intended to support the needs of our clients. Our paradigm is generally not recommended for those outside of our niche markets.

Serving Good-Natured,
Well-Intentioned Clients of Honor
  • Although nobody is perfect (for which everyone should offer gentle apologies to those affected by mistakes), we do not help anyone who deliberately causes spiteful harm. If you are the type of person who does not care about hurting innocent people, trust us that we are not people you want to have around you. Our small team is comprised of instinctive protectors. We will only help those who are in trouble despite no intentional harm, who now could use some help restoring their lives and successes.

    Stay Away if Philosophically Hostile

    In the private sector, we have no interest or ability participate in your political debates. Neither you nor we would benefit if you were to force us to make you our business if you have any interest in any violent hostilities against the US, UK, or Israeli governments—or the populaces thereof. If we were to suspect any malice of yours against a populace or military of the US, UK, or Israel, we would inform them of such.

  • Please do not contact us by any means—for any reason—if you have committed or caused illegal violence, deliberate theft, slavery, or other unilateral exploitation. We will not help anyone who has intentionally hurt others who themselves were not attempting to attack innocent people. This matter applies regardless of how upset or desperate you were at the time, and regardless of whether you have ever been identified by law enforcement.

    In the private sector, we have no interest or ability participate in your political debates. Neither you nor we would benefit if you were to force us to make you our business if you have any interest in any violent hostilities against the US, UK, or Israeli governments—or the populaces thereof. If we were to suspect any malice of yours against a populace or military of the US, UK, or Israel, we would inform them of such.

    If you were to force us to make you our business, you would find that we have extreme incongruence with those who have adversarial intentions.  If you are planning any form of malice, hostility, or exploitation in violation of US law, we would be required morally and legally to report it.  As could be discerned by culling bits of public information (albeit nowhere on the Internet) regarding examples of our management's unbreakable loyalties as honorable professionals, there is absolutely nothing that could motivate us or could coerce us to accept a client who is connected to any form of hostility towards the populace or military of the US, UK, or Israel.

  • Please do not contact us for any reason by any means if you have any kind connection to any individual or group that is hostile towards the US, UK, Israel, or ally thereof—even if you yourself hold no such hostilities.

  • The factor that disqualifies the most people from our services is disloyalty.  This protects us from the risk that our faithfully ardent loyalty could be exploited into isolation and manipulative scapegoat status. 

    You must have never been disloyal or malicious in any way whatsoever towards anyone who had not initially intended to harm you or to harm another innocent person maliciously—regardless of how desperate you were in self-preservation.

    The intensity of our protectiveness inherently requires personal faithfulness and care for you.  We are a valued resource because we endlessly and ardently uphold our commitments to loyalty.  Please do not be tempted to misapply our vessel of good loyalties for convenient disloyalty.  A cavalier example of conjecture by people who do not want to feel uncomfortable that somehow honest and good-natured people can find themselves in need of solace, Romantic Sovereignty is not for adultery.

  • As a no-exception, absolutely strict condition of ours, we will  not assist anyone in PMC subcontracting, intelligence contracting, or official  duties who ever conducts any operations in any jurisdiction against the national interests of the US, UK, or Israel.

    Any insinuation of any request to be of service to anyone who is hostile to the direct, or allied indirect, national interests of the US, UK, or Israel shall result in permanent rejection of services.  Decades of harsh times experienced by our management never involved a momentary weakness of loyalty, and absolutely nothing can change that status. Bluntly, you do not want to experience what can happen to someone who is seen as the mortal version of a demon asking for a soul.  Yes, we are that serious.

    If you think we could be a good source of intel, the opposite is true.  We'd rather tell you bluntly now than to waste our time and resources on you.  We're a small, private business comprised of a few blown (civvy blue, out of our control) retirees who need to take care of our families.  We know the trade, and we are not going to dance or to play games with you.  That makes us the worst x-ray—useless but high-risk. Our entire paradigm is uniquely structured around the concept of no NTK, with less exposure than any ordinary hotel.  Most of our clients are completely unrelated to the intel community, and the rest are contractors who are simply following protocols, never having a need to expose anything useful.  You would be far more effective in sticking with the same textbook routines in the same lounges in any of the same international hotels that you already know.  The young field officers and the hardened principal analysts are still careful to adhere to the fortified bases, and the sad reality is that most of the world's biggest HVTs remain over-confident by going to the same international hotels that you already know. If you think we'd be a fun CI conquest, the same analogy applies. 

    USA-Friendly Assets

    If you would like our hospitality based on the referral from a patriotic US citizen, we shall be extremely careful and respectful for your support of the cultivation of democracy and freedom. Please click here.

  • Some people can be tempted to identify attorneys and other confidentiality-upholding service providers as being convenient scapegoats. Many people dehumanize us and do not consider that our how our innocent family members and colleagues suffer heavy personal turmoil, even for individual occurrences of consumer-level exploitation. In reality, severe cultural and professional responses are automatically triggered, often with wildly disproportionate severity, because we also work in some extremely sensitive realms; even a single modestly negative review that is unintentionally invalid or exploited as a scapegoat can cause irreversible destruction. Then, unlike ordinary consumer realms, other professional, legal, and governmental responses to any slight, undeserved negativity can involuntarily trigger massive reverberations, reversing all technical and legal protections of confidentiality (such as seemingly anonymous reviews) and intensively examining the accusers' affairs. Eventual civil judgments for libel, tortious business interruption, and defamation are rarely sufficient to cover the damages, even when such judgments often wipe out all of the assets of the consumer and/or associated small business.

    Productive Communications with Us

    In the long run, everyone is best served if we cooperate directly, with open lines of communication.  Our fundamental business is dependent on developing perpetually deepening alliances and caring fiduciary relationships with our clients; please realize that we in management genuinely want you to be happy, and we appreciate the time you take to inform us whenever there are opportunities to find creative solutions to achieve that happiness.  Contractors and lower-level staffers do not always sustain a fiduciary persona of caring for you, so please make sure your senior concierge fully knows if you remain dissatisfied in any way, and we especially appreciate input from you of your own individualized, creative ideas of ways to make you happy, even if such solutions involve services after you have left.  Those are productive and healthy means of communication.

    Hospitality unavoidably involves subjective variables in expectations and honest mistakes by well-intentioned personnel and contractors.  Uncontrollable circumstances, other clients, and infinite environmental variables inevitably create occasional disappointments and frustrations for our clients.  Our particular niche, with the requisite variability of location and contracted staffers, causes us to be routinely inefficient and disappointed without the ability to draw on the efficiency and reliability of the infrastructure of a luxury hotel.  When we make mistakes and when there are disappoints to you in any way, please do coordinate with us directly instead of complaining to third parties, or showing off dirty laundry on online forums.

  • If you are being sought by a law enforcement agency in the US, UK, or Israel—or if you are listed as a target of a military of the US, UK, or Israel, we cannot harbor you, regardless of your innocence.

    For the sake of illustration by contrast, we would be an excellent resource for a target of civil injustice.  If you are merely being targeted with false publicity or civil injustice, we are accustomed to working with morally oriented, ethical executives who are worried about being extorted with twisted allegations or wrongfully blamed for invalid accusations. We understand the need to extract yourself from those who carelessly or exploitatively exasperate false denigrations with selective facts or perpetuation of false hearsay, within a context of actual innocence.

    You indeed could be fully innocent as the subject of naïve guilt by association or some other cause of false accusation. For your benefit and ours, if you are a fugitive, regardless of factual innocence, please take our policy seriously and stay away.  Many good people depend on us staff members. A fugitive should expect that we would discover your status, and know that we would be mandated by law to proceed accordingly. Trying to stay with us could exasperate your problems, causing you to squander more rational legal strategies on which you could be focused right now.