Privately Held Accommodations

Avoid compromising yourself for the convoluted appeasement of hotel mandates.


Preventing Uncontrolled Visibility

The simplest, cleanest, and broadest mechanism of disabling targeted exploitation of your travel is simply preventing your adversaries from having a reference method of knowing where you are staying. Hotel registrations normally open a variety of methods by which you can be monitored.

Benefits of Privately Held Units

Our concepts are based on protocols for independently traveling dignitaries. Our methods enable greater flexibility and control via the following advantages.

  • A sophisticated adversary of a client would be disabled from many tracking methods to locate a target and to sneak devices into a room via housekeeping and key vulnerabilities.  For example, even if an adversary were to access your credit card records through legal or insider means, he or she would not be able to identify a hotel where you would be staying when you had left; if lodging and transportation is booked through us, the adversary would not even be aware that you had made any travel plans whatsoever.
  • A basic concept of safehouse security is to have continuously changing and changeable locations, not to maintain a consistent and publicly identifiable address.
  • By drawing on pools of condominiums (and, as needed, other contracted lodging providers) that are owned by third parties, we have reasonably continuous availability of acceptable accommodations, even during peak demand.  If there were to be a maintenance issue, a group of clients who unexpectedly need to change arrivals and/or departures, or a need for remodeling, we could change facilities without degradation of accommodations.
  • We are able to uphold the economic feasibility of providing consistently new and well maintained luxury as a benefit provided with legal and privacy services.  We do not need to incur major capital expenditures on large facilities, when doing so is not relevant to privacy-oriented travelers who have no interest in bragging that they are staying in famous hotels.  Our clients would rather earn the prestige of success, overcoming whatever challenges are motivating them to travel under the radar currently.

Accommodations with Shared Rights

Trailblazing Commercial Concepts

Marriott philosophically began some of the hybrid concepts of shared rights, deriving from simpler concepts of timeshares, and, over time, vacation rentals have now become popular. Now, inspired with similar concepts for a different marketplace, we also have conceptualized a hybrid arrangement.

Marriott is a registered trademark of Marriott International, Inc., with which we are not affiliated.


Confidentially and Flexibly Independent

Not Affiliated with Building Owners, Hospitality Brands, or Owner Associations

A fundamental aspect of protecting you from irreversible porousness is for solid independence, without contractual exposures that could be exploited--especially by external manipulation--for murky compromises to client privacy.  We are neither affiliated, nor under an ongoing contract, with any hotelier, separately branded property management firm, real estate developer, or owner's association that underlies the respective unit of client lodging.

To provide a further layer of insulation for you, we often coordinate with owners, lessors, or other shared-rights holders of lodging units—such as vacation rentals or condominiums.  This is in contrast to the expansive exposures that are compromised from the custom of directly renting a room from a hotel.

Not Structured for Routine Consumer Travel

We provide specialty services for sophisticated niches, with the underlying lodging facilities being incidental venues. We are not structured to compete for routine leisure consumers whose preferences would be satisfied by reserving from an underlying resort hotel. Routine travelers who are not interested in the enhanced business or security services of Dignitary Discretion are respectfully suggested to consider that reservations with the underlying resorts would generally provide for greater consumer affordability and simpler procedures.

For each client who chooses to benefit from our services, we offer a friendly and grateful welcome.

No Unwieldy Fixed Assets

Excluding New York and other cities with pertinently restrictive regulations, our typical method of providing lodging is via units that are controlled, leased, or held via shared-rights by a third party . We particularly like to use facilities owned by other clients for whom we separately provide professional services, thereby enabling a mutual comfort level and fortified relationship. As needed, we rent supplemental travel lodging under names of our firm, which we then provide to our clients, taking responsibility for our clients and for providing for our enhanced set of luxury services to the travelers. Auxiliary locations are normally rented by us from third-party hospitality providers and serviced by us, for your benefit, without any increase in charges to you.


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