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Satisfaction Guaranteed Five Star Plus

Satisfaction with
Your Accommodations

Without Abdicating from Support for Your Mission-Critical Priorities


Our dignitary-based paradigm enables us to be broadly resourceful in case of a facilities issue, and enables the guarantee that you will have excellent accommodations.

We take seriously the importance of our services to our clients.  We respect that our clients depend specifically on us for business sophistication and countersurveillance security, and we endeavor to maintain a mission-critical dedication to your confidentiality, business advancement, security complexities, medical issues, and diplomacy--above the pettiness and limited resourcefulness of ordinary hospitality. A basic consumer hotel can simply cancel a reservation if a maintenance or other inhabitation issue arises, sending the guest off to somewhere else. By contrast, a dignitary escort or asset handler cannot simply shrug away a problem; one must apply whatever resources are necessary to protect a high-value individual and to fulfill the mission—with a sense of personal responsibility and sacrifice that would be unthinkable for most hospitality workers.

Most people who work in hospitality never extend the personal risks or sacrifice that are routine for clandestine HVI protection, and most never have the honor of presenting solace to someone who has endured the profound, largely unrecognized burdens of service and duty in the US/UK/Israeli IC.  We treasure the deep sighs of relief expressed by clients, assets of US interests, family members, dignitaries, and other good people when we welcome them into a safehouse, and we are particularly thrilled when we can provide a luxurious environment that restores a well-deserved sense of joyous R&R.

We customize each provision of hospitality based on your individual preferences.  Your satisfaction of the unit is guaranteed (conditions apply) and we endeavor to exceed your relative satisfaction by focusing on characteristics that you explain to us are particularly important to you. 

If your unit is unacceptable to you, please inform your keeper/concierge within one day after arrival.  We would incur the costs and difficulties of providing you with ground transportation to relocate you elsewhere. 

  • We shall uphold the same relevantly important features to which we had originally committed. This usually means a suite with a kitchenette.  Signature Hospitality would continue to be at a base level of approximately four stars, which we elevate with enhanced services that we arrange regardless of your location, with a focus on specialties that categorically exceed five-star customs.  You are welcome to request specific upgraded features or services in lieu of other features that are not readily available.
  • Proxy anonymity and other committed protections of your confidentiality shall be sustained in accordance with your needs.  As much as practically possible, with any exceptions subject to your general approval of the arrangement, the same bilateral terms would be effectively transferred to the accommodations at the hotel; for example, even if we were to rent a suite for you, you would still be responsible for any damages or charges for you would have otherwise been responsible.

Important Limitations of Services and Liabilities

We endeavor to apply polite discretion, not leering into your private matters; as such, we generally would not be competently aware of any vulnerabilities or assets. We do not take inventory, request comprehensive information to assess risks, perform audits or certify value, professionally assess bodily or mental health, or otherwise determine the suitability of any physical, bodily, or mental protections.  We are not liabile for the security of your records, possessions, communications, or presence.   Safes, locks, encryption applications, armor, human security, and other protections may be provided, but we do not assess suitability, status, health, or other relevant deployment considerations and thus you retain full responsibility to inform us of insufficiency of any protection or to refuse incursions of risk.  Any technical advisements should be considered preliminary and academic without a formal assessment of the risk factors targeting the protected matter.

Unless specifically engaged for particular services with additional specific fees and written details of limitations of scope, there is no duty of care for countersurveillance or any professional services. 

Any countersurveillance techniques associated with hospitality services are intended to provide a few cost-effective measures to limited degrees, only implemented upon request, with the objective of providing a basic introduction from which the client would then wish to engage us for focally advanced professional services.  Please contact us for details pertaining to what is important to you.


We will not disregard your safety or critical confidentiality, and we particularly are respectful to those who have themselves been responsible in communicating with us and in fulfilling their respective duties.  Our endless sense of duty pertains to serious matters of protection for good people, not necessarily to incurring unreasonable lengths for someone who thinks that a custom-arranged clandestine safehouse is not pretty enough. 

To contrast with non-critical consumer perspectives, the concept of a satisfaction guarantee does not apply financially to the following special arrangements. Although we must reasonably fulfill our commitments of specifications, the following conditions are excluded from merely subjective wishes.

  • Specially discounted services refer to individually authorized rates that are at or below our costs, usually as a function of goodwill or moral appreciation. Examples are covert extraction assistance and interim housing for missionaries and related individuals who are endangered by countries that outlaw Judeo-Christian outreach, US/UK/Israeli military officers, and professional courtesy for synergistic colleagues. Specially discounted rates may also be provided on a case-by-case basis to clients due to extenuating circumstances. Specially discounted rates do not provide for the significant losses that are associated with an emergency relocation that is requested due to subjective preferences, nor is there a commercial function for refunds. Please click here for more information about specially discounted rates and the limitations thereof.
  • Services provided within three days of placing a reservation usually require us to incur emergency expenditures and to make commitments with vendors on a favor basis to enable rush services.
  • Special requests for fixtures and other immobile amenities that have been specially outsourced cannot be readily substituted with another unit that meets your needs, and cannot be readily rented to somebody else.

Regardless,as with any suite or residence, if there is an issue with housekeeping or maintenance, we shall urgently arrange for whatever cleaning or maintenance must be done.  As appropriate, we are willing to search for and to dispatch contracted specialists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If a portable amenity is missing or inoperable, we shall urgently arrange for a relevant delivery.


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Serving Good People in Complicated Circumstances
Not generalized for simplistic procedures, basic consumer affordability, or ostentatiousness.
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