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    Once You Have Your Flight Information

    Preferably at least three days in advance, please E-mail your concierge with your planned itineraries for arrival and departure, particularly flight numbers and airports.  If any last-minute flight changes occur, please call your concierge.  We normally track flights for arrival times, and we will expect your arrival from that particular flight unless you notify us otherwise.

    Vehicular Details

    Before your date of arrival, please inform your concierge if there will be more than two suitcases, if you require a child car seat or disability accessibility, or other special arrangements.

    Anticipated Possibility of Modifications  and/or  Special Arrangements

    Preferably at least 24 hours in advance, please E-mail the following information to your concierge.

    Upon Awareness
    Any changes in planned flight number
    Any needs for car seats or physical accessibility
    The number of large luggage pieces, if more than a total of two (not per person; excludes purses, briefcases, and other small items)
    The number of passengers, if more than two, including any of your security and/or support staffers

    If you do not collaborate with your concierge at least 24 hours in advance for any of the above special issues, we will assume no variances or large requirements. Upon your awareness of any changes in your expectations of luggage, people, or security occur, please call your concierge promptly.

    Our expenses for wait times, replacement vehicles, and same-day arrangements are reimbursable.

    Vehicular Sizes

    The following are insights regarding the importance of accurate size specifications. 

    Sedans and mini SUVs offer greater flexibility and scheduling reliability, as a function of the pools of vehicles that are readily available around most airports.  If you arrive with more luggage than foretold, you will need to wait for a larger vehicle.

    Larger SUVs and vans involve comparatively less flexibility and luxury.  Coordination with arrival times is usually slower, and more frequently requires clients to wait—even with on-time arrivals.  (With Executive Luxury hospitality, we normally strive to arrive early for greater reliability, but arriving too early would require you to be joined by the driver in a long walk to a distant parking garage, instead of the customarily closer—but tightly restricted and monitored brief parking for unattended livery.)


    Upon Landing

    Contact and Rendezvous

    Upon landing or as soon as conveniently possible, please call your concierge.  If you will be going through customs, please call him again after you have exited.


    Rendezvous Point

    Terminal or Curbside

    With Executive Luxury or regular Signature hospitality, we would normally endeavor to have you met in your terminal, but ground and flight variables often cause the need for retrievals from the curbside or designated waiting area. 

    If you are greeted in the terminal, your concierge shall provide the chauffeur with your designation of whatever name that you would like to have appear on the waiting-area name sign, protecting your privacy and security.  We will meet you at your flight's baggage claim area (domestic) or customs exit (international).  We will collect your luggage while you stroll leisurely.

    We will meet you at your flight's baggage claim area (domestic) or customs exit (international).  Your driver or concierge will collect your luggage while you stroll leisurely. Luxurious confidential transportation is arranged based on your preferences. Some services are subject to additional fees.

    Signature by Dignitary Discretion

    We usually draw on the flexibility of pools of luxury sedans and small luxury SUVs to allow for the uncertainties of delays from flights or customs. Although expectations should be highly flexible, We normally endeavor to meet you at the flight's baggage claim area (domestic) or customs exit (international).  Your driver will collect your luggage while you stroll leisurely.

    Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion

    A private consumer-grade, such as a taxi or Uber (trademarked domestically by Uber USA, LLC) driver shall anonymously transport you at our expense, under a name and account of our firm.

    Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
    Romantic Sovereignty by Dignitary Discretion
    Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion

    With the individualized private service of a Luxury package, we are willing to incur personal extremes to fulfill your custom wishes.  That perspective applies to arrivals and departures.  You are welcome to arrive and to depart anytime on the respective calendar days.  Arrive in time to prepare for the business day, and depart after a full day of productivity.  Preferably with at least one week's notice, we welcome the most complex and extraordinary of requests.

    Clandestine Armored Livery Available

    Additional scheduling limitations apply to specially discounted rates.  The costs of our actual expenses may be reimbursable for some special requests.

  • Private Aircraft Civilian

    If you are arriving via private plane or helicopter, we would normally welcome you at the public waiting area, closest to your exit at the gate or private terminal. If accessible, we are happy to assist with retrieving your luggage; we do not mind the blustering of a helicopter or the typical awkwardness of fixed-wing stowage.

    You shall be discreetly chauffeured. The extensiveness of the vehicle and service depends on the type of package, and, as usual, customization is always welcomed. Conditions apply, and unexpected circumstances can cause variations, particularly with same-day scheduling.

    Covert Travel No ID Required
  • Public Airport

    If you are arriving at a commercial terminal under a diplomatic passport, we will meet you at the public waiting area that is closest to the dignitary exit (if applicable), at the baggage claim area, or at the RV point designated by you, your handler, or your security liaison (after establishing protocol with your liaison for the exchange of bona fides).

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    If you are arriving at an AFB or helipad via the allied protection of the US military or a US foreign affairs service, we can arrange to meet you at an external visitor parking lot that is designated for the public. Otherwise, we can meet you off-site at your preference of a public location.

    Unless you would prefer a neutral rendezvous point, please provide us with relevant information to respond to security questions to enable us to wait for you, and please provide us with a communications plan to coordinate with your handler to for the applicable bona fides that the MP/security personnel would like you to have us provide.

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