Arrival by Sea Disembarking Assistance Shore Boat • Chauffeur Confidentially Compartmentalized


Cruise Liner

If you are arriving by scheduled cruise liner, please simply provide us with your cruise information in advance. Your concierge will coordinate accordingly. Your concierge, a chauffeur, or other staffer will be awaiting your arrival at the terminal.


Private Yacht

In our niche market, we disproportionately serve successful executives and dignitaries who enjoy the privacy, serene relaxation, and openness of yachting. Special arrangements can be made for transportation to land from a private vessel. We can retrieve you via land (harbor or landing) or water (disembarked vessel, whether anchored or sailing onward thereafter). Additional fees will apply.

Whether you are hosting a special event, disembarking a charter, or docking along a journey, our captains can assist, and our other staffers are happy to retrieve you in comfort after you disembark. Each of our captains retired honorably from services related to military or foreign affairs of the UK, Israel, or US—with TS or analogous clearance.

Clandestine Harbor RVP Dockside

Sea Plane

Rendezvous at Sea or Near-Shore

We confidentially arrange to retrieve you, those staying with you, and your short-term, lawfully personal luggage. Separate fees and custom arrangements are necessary. 

Your Arrival

Discreet with Full-Service Dignity


Scheduling and Necessary Individualization

Required Call to Concierge Promptly upon Booking
Arrival and Departure Times
Changes to Your Itinerary

Local Arrival

Required Appointment Time
Each arrival is private, as a fundamental safehouse requirement of for your location-confidentiality.
Arriving by Sea
Support for Cruises and Yachts
Please coordinate your private arrival by phone.
Arrival with Handicap Assistance
Non-Emergency Support for Complex Disabilities

Your Confidential Location

Your Entry into Solace

Welcoming You to Your Unit
No on-Site Transactions
Payment in full must clear for services (including the chauffeuring service) to commence.
Your Specific Accommodations
Individualized to Your Preferences
Storage of Your Luggage on the Day of Arrival
Storage on the day of your arrival is normally only available with Executive Luxury, but you are welcome to schedule your arrival for any hour of the calendar day with any Luxury package.

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