Retainers and Deposits


Applied Expenses


A reconciliation period applies after hospitality, office space, charter, or conference services are provided.  The reconciliation period is analogous to attorney trust accounts, awaiting third-party vendors to submit charges, and to resolve any disparities with client or internal accounting.  Normally, the default period for standard reconciliation is within a month of the conclusion of relevant services.  Longer periods apply for multinational, nautical, contracted armed security, TS protocols, military and federal contracts with relevant, and aircraft.  The payable period normally begins at the conclusion of the reconciliation period.

Atypical but Possible

Our relevant markets are not normally prone to damages, but we need to mention the theoretical potential.

This topic provides another opportunity to broach the important consideration that our services are specifically structured for the benefit of those seeking more than routine luxury travel. In the event of any client disqualification, regardless of occurring during or after hospitality, interest shall be voided, any held funds shall be applied towards any associated liabilities. Potential liabilities surpass the usual hospitality-related liabilities charged by customary hotels; for example, any deliberate, hostile posting of confidential information could result in potentially millions of dollars in damages.

Deposits are not considered liquidated damages, and therefore separate payments would need to be made to cover the excess costs of damages beyond deposit amounts.


Obviously we are not in the business of deposits, and we do not want anyone focused on that issue. In an effort to mitigate any related unpleasantness, the deposit

Issuances of Refunds

Net 30 after Completion of Reconciliation

We follow our core business customs of commercial accounting (particularly aligned with the culture of attorney-trust accounts), systematic corporate or government protocols, and compartmentalized confidentiality. After all of the related expenses have been resolved, and we have been provided with final accounting of reimbursable expenditures, processing of accounts payable is normally on a net 30 basis. Actual times vary based on simplicity (often less time), complications, or reconciliation difficulties of Client expenses (may be more time).  Longer periods apply with complex protocols and under extraordinary circumstances, for which we would cooperate with you.  Special expenses, multifaceted damages, and non-matched payment methods can cause delays beyond these guidelines.

If you are a consumer who cannot afford our deposit structure, and if an attorney trust account would not be useful to you, there likely are other aspects of our paradigm that likewise would suggest optimal services by a customary, mass-market hotel.

Account Credit

If we do not have a feasible, legal (in the opinion of our specialist counsel), or dependable payment method, an unrestricted credit will normally remain in your account until you coordinate with us for an alternative payment method, or until applied toward future invoices.  Please contact us if you would prefer to maintain an unrestricted account credit.  Funds are held under a relaxed similarity to attorney trust accounts, but without associated regulation or privilege. Credit accounts accrue ten percent interest annually.


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