No On-Site Transactions

No Front Desk

Within the general paradigm of a safehouse with private service, and out of respect for your dignity and confidentiality, financial transactions are not performed on-site.

The safehouse paradigm pertinent to facilities arrangements is further detailed here. The global trend for five-star-plus boutiques without front desks is also described here.


Payment Clearance before Commencement

Payment in Full, Including Deposit

Greater Flexibility for Attorney Trust Accounts and Invoicing Accounts

Because payment in full (including the deposit, unless you have a billing or attorney trust account) must have successfully cleared for the commencement of any services (including dispatching a chauffeur to the airport), please make sure to coordinate with your concierge with enough time for funds to clear based on your preferred payment method. We offer an extraordinarily wide variety of payment methods.  Same-day (within hours) clearance available for such methods as Bitcoin (global) and direct in-bank deposits of cash (US).

Please coordinate with us promptly upon placing your reservation so that the disheartening default of cancellation does not occur.


Luxury Packages

Post-Commencement Incidental Needs

In-person transactions generally require countersurveillance, in-person managerial labor, and lawyer consultation for compliance.  Therefore, exceptions to the policy regarding no no-on-site transactions are possible with the 24-hour exclusive dedication of a package of the Executive Collection. Although payment in full is required before commencement, we can proceed subsequently in person for any additional services that are newly added.

In-person transactions include, but are not limited to, the following payment methods:

  • currency that is transacted between us and you (as opposed to wired or banked), and
  • assets requiring opinions of value,
  • limited exchange of foreign currency.
On-site transactions have limited relevance because of the policy requiring payment in full to have cleared by the commencement of services.


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