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Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
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You are not a renter of a hotel room. You are a private client.


Dignitary-Style Continuous Support

Empowering Your Success
If you are hungry, security-compromised, feeling unwell, dealing with scheduling debacles...
...and then harried tiredness leads you to stain your tie while trying to eat...
...and you have computer problems on the presentation that you're trying to juggle single-handedly...
...a would-be home-run meeting could result in a strike-out.

Instead, with Dignitary Discretion...
...a team of sophisticatedly loyal specialists is always standing ready to enable your success.


At the Level of Executive and Dignitary Principals

Our paradigm is genuinely based on actual lifestyles of dignitaries, wherein official dignitary escorts and hosts dedicate their personal schedules as subordinate to your continuously fluid activities and requests.  Leaders of all types are continuously facing fluctuating needs while traveling.


Singularly Serving You 24 Hours

Surpassing the Attentiveness of a Dedicated Butler

An example of our unmatched service pertains to your dedicated team, attending exclusively to you. Some hotels offer "dedicated" butlers that are shared in executive floors, but not service that is exclusively dedicated to a single suite, and certainly not awake and on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We extend further as the nation's pinnacle of service by coordinating world-class serious professionals as needed, 24 hours.

Personal Productivity Resourceful Efficiency • Invigoration • Complex Sophistication

Receive the ultimate in private service and support with a 24-hour dedicated team, loyally attending only to you. Day and night, a member of your team shall be awaiting your beckon call, and meanwhile supporting your productivity, stamina, contentment, and invigoration.

Servants are devoted to serving you singularly, day and night, holidays included.  Specific specialists are scheduled on rotating shifts to maximize your pre-travel anticipation of your scheduling desires, but your concierge will continuously coordinate adjustments to staffing and other resources based on your moods and circumstances. 



Based on Your Plans and Preferences

Specialists as Needed

Local staff resources significantly determine who will be preset at any given time. Please provide us with your scheduling requests and preferences in advance.

Weekly and monthly stays enable greater scheduling customization.

Instinctively Protective of Your Success  and  Confidentiality Loyally Supporting You within a Context of Genuine Friendliness

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we've got your six.

Your Concierge

Safehouse Keeper

Your Primary Point of Contact
Coordinating your Services 24 Hours

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Your Senior Concierge

Graduate Education • Decades of Previously High-Level Experience


Business Services

Loyally Off-Book

From Presentation Assistance to World-Class Professionals


Unflinchingly Flexible Limitlessly Resourceful and Tirelessly Supportive

When traveling, normal accessibility and productivity can be wrought with problems.  We are here to help, with unique provisions of services.  Limited secretarial services are complimentary, performed in accordance with your needs as part of the 24-hour dedicated servants.

If your usual administrative support is in an after-hours time zone, you could need help in emergencies. When rushing before flights and meetings, and when your usual accessibility is limited, simple tasks can become extremely serious. Perhaps you need a call to be made, or even a set of calls in order to achieve an objective, while you will be traveling without access to reliable mobile, satellite, or Internet access. Perhaps you need a presentation to be converted to PDF and then E-mailed to someone. While in one meeting, you would then not be accessible for incoming and outgoing calls to people to coordinate your next meeting.

Secretarial services provide for compartmentalization of information, but secretaries are not hardened. Any sensitive or quality-critical matters should only be implemented by your concierge/handler.

We particularly welcome sub-contracting via your attorney for additional protections.

Loyal Clandestine Secretary

SCI-Inspired Protocols

Tight Private Team

Restricted Accessibility

No Porous Labor Pools
Necessary Limitations on Specialist Availability

As an overriding function of safehouse paradigms, particularly of merely a few individuals comprising your professional and servant team 24 hours a day/365 days a year, we deliberately do not have high-risk pools of unknown labor. Therefore, there are no guarantees of available scheduling or schedule changes of any particular individuals or types of professionals, but appointments are strongly encouraged for the benefit of non-guaranteed scheduling. If the originally planned individual encounters an unavoidable schedule change, an effort will be made to have someone available who can perform the same duties, albeit perhaps not necessarily exuding the same specialties.


Anti­microbial  and  Hypo­allergenic
24 Hours
Discreetly Unobtrusive

Clandestine EPD Safehouse
Sweetly Soothing You to Restorative Sleep
Dignitary-Style Turndown Service Warmly Presented in Evening-Gown Elegance Beefeater™ 24 Martinis or the Glenlivet™ 21 Scotch
Together with Connoisseur Confections
Luxury Bath Service Laundry and dry cleaning are discreetly collected from you, and any assistance with preparing the following day's attire is thoughtfully provided.
In-Suite Massage Physical Therapist or Specialist LMT

Beefeater is a trademark of Pernod Ricard. The Glenlivet is a Scottish operating brand and trademark of Chivas Brothers Limited. In-suite spa benefits generally are intended to support sustained strength during extended business travel, complimentary beginning at the conclusion of your first full week of service. Please click the above topics for more information.


Your 24-Hour Empowerment

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