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Wine Tasting

Sommelier or Oenologist/Concierge

Comlimentary In-Cellar Wine Tasting

In lieu of a daily private aerobics or sports trainer, you may choose instead to be chauffeured to a private showcase of sommelier-led wine tasting at a restaurant, or for an oenologist/concierge to present a custom flight of wines—preselected based on your general taste preferences--in the privacy and comfort of your own living room of your suite or villa.

If we take you to a restaurant, we will host you for the VIP private tasting. (Any meals that you choose to order would not be hosted.) If the wine tasting is done in your living room, the wines will all be premium boutique specialties, and the full bottles are yours to enjoy and/or to share (surpassing our usual policies of complimentary benefits only being for you as the primary client, while in your suite).

Private Wine Tasting Tour

If you are staying for a full week, you are entitled to a VIP leisure excursion.  One suggestion that you may choose would be to go on a chauffeured wine country tour, with VIP hosted wine tasting at the wineries and a picnic overlooking the picturesque vineyards. 


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Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion