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Nourishing Escape into Love

If you are a high-profile individual, the salaciousness of a romantic encounter is too exciting for many hotel staffers to keep 100% secret—and no NDA reliably restrains unsophisticated people from (what they believe are) anonymous disclosures. Most five-star hotels are substantially staffed by high-turnover, low-paid, unsophisticated housekeepers, limited security workers, and room-service personnel.

Nourish the joys of love if you are subjected to invasive reporters, competitors, or otherwise cannot relax overtly. Rejuvenate a marriage with a honeymoon experience that surpasses the dreams for which you had always yearned. We'll discreetly customize whatever special requests you have.

Heavy burdens are borne with officially covert duties, heavy travel, or public controversy. Escape from the heartbreaking isolation on a special occasion.

To support your ability to be relaxed, we are generally flexible in complying with whatever security protocols you prefer.


Executive Business Support

Loyally Covert Executive Assistance

Executive Services
Relax with location compartmentalization
while keeping abreast of what's happening at the office

Our specialized services are based on what our respective experiences have taught us are most valued by privacy-oriented people who are subjected to invasions of their privacy by the press, private investigators, and lawsuit manipulators.

We serve prominently successful leaders. For a romantic getaway, relaxed fun is facilitated by the comfort of knowing that you don't need to worry about what's happening at the office.  We know cutout and other procedures for lawful compartmentalization of location, and we'll coordinate with you for custom arrangements.


Instead of disrupting a romantic mood with a jarring tone of dry business, your in-villa personal assistant is the living fulfillment of the dreams of a perky secretary who cheers for a romantically uplifted mood--and with whom there are no worries of an HR backlash to your friendly compliments.  She would prefer to avoid the awkwardness of an atmosphere of imbalance by aligning herself with your state of attire--or lack thereof.


To prevent any misinterpretation, your in-villa personal assistant is a genuine secretary who needs to focus her time on your sustained duties, so that you can relax carefree.  As long as everyone is safe, she will gleefully encourage you to experience your unencumbered freedom in her presence.  The entire Romantic Sovereignty experience is designed to provide a lifetime of contenting memories of dreams come true, and she fits—a secretary who continuously infuses sparkling enthusiasm into work, but it is real work.  Any sealed deals that you and she experience together would only pertain to the business realm, not something else.

Legal and safety limitations may apply, such as with the serving of alcohol and local statutes--which often can be satisfied with fashionable lingerie.  Complex business Tasks of greater complexity are normally performed in servants' quarters or externally.


Ultra All-Inclusive

The Ultimate in Private Fine Dining

Connoisseur Caliber

Your custom gourmet delicacies are served 24 hours. Nearly anything you want, anytime you want it, is served not in a crowded restaurant with awkward compromises and restrictive seats--but in the ultimate in romantic settings: by the fireplace or in bed--with gourmet delicacies served to you on fine china with white linen. The dress code is no shoes, no shirt, no...anything!

All of the dining benefits of the Executive Collection apply to Romantic Sovereignty, sweetened with love and joy. Please click here for the main dining page of the Executive Collection.

Legal and safety limitations apply to the serving of alcohol. Provisions for more than one guest of the primary individual client and some special requests are subject to reimbursement of our actual costs. Please provide advance requests to enable greater availability of your preferences.

Ultra All-Inclusive Excitement
Have cork pops
multiple times every night.
Gently Encouraging a Lighthearted Mood

In Private

Complimentary Connoisseur Beverages  Served by  Cheerful Mood-Setting Hostesses

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