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Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
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Consultants and Travel Agents  who Provide  Personal Service

Your Uniquely Valuable Resource
Individualized Fulfillment of Sophisticated Preferences Business • Security • Health Surpassing the Capabilities of Customary Hospitality
Greater Availability and Lower Rates Than anything Online or via the GDS Please disregard any automated results of no availability. We primarily serve internal clients, and avoid mass-market leisure travel. Our dignitary-style paradigm involves always maintaining contingency resources.
20% for You Plus Unique Incentives Regardless of the Method of Reserving or Rate Plan
Niches who are Inherently Difficult to Identify

Good People with Executive Complications

Fulfilling Complex Requests

Broad Versatility in Business, Security, and Health Customization
Do a luxury traveler's sophisticated business, health, or security preferences surpass routine hotel resources? Positioning Yourself as an Irreplaceable TA Prospering with Referrals among Corporate Luxury Travelers
after Providing a Pivotally Important Resource--Not Merely another Place to Sleep

Any of the following characteristics could indicate a need for a respectfully discreet solution.

To attempt to pre-qualify could be perceived as prying, and if someone does not respond with interest, you can genuinely extend a compliment for the impetus pertaining to his or her renown.


We do not ask, and the majority of our clients do not introduce themselves by broaching an explanation for needing confidential services. Initial conversations usually emphasize enthusiasm for our indeed luxurious benefits.

Although most of our clients are traveling for business--or at least staying with us during their vacation because of their professional complications--our freedom-enabling services create a sense of happiness. As a travel agent, the pleasant benefits will likely be the focus of your conversations.


Fulfilling Important Needs

Serious Complexities
Not Fulfilled by Pretty Lobbies

For most members of our core markets, there usually is no other congruent lodging in the United States. Our core markets are largely comprised of high-revenue travelers, but most of them gradually have been pushed to OTAs. They usually attempt to find suitable hotels by awkwardly applying loosely correlated criteria in their searches. Despite the often-generous budgets of their investment banks, defense contractor handlers, and celebrity managers, most members of our core markets are relegated to awkward convolutions and porous compromises. Our honed specialties can provide deftly congruent solutions.

Our markets are primarily comprised of business travelers who receive a positive ROI on rates that are based on our significantly higher costs. Security/visibility sensitivities from their professional and/or wealthy statures often then extend to personal vacations—impeding the ability for couples to be romantically relaxed, for example.  Some four-star and five-star travelers who have specialty business complexities, security concerns, or news-worthy statures regard us as providing honed solutions.

Business, Security, and Health Specialties
Not Generalized for Routine Leisure Travel

Leisure travelers who are seeking ostentatious facilities, opulently grandiose amenities, or subservient formality would be more appropriately served by big-name mainstream hotels. We provide discreetly individualized services for business travelers.


20% for You

Respect for You  and  Your Relationships

Luxury ADRs

Ultra All-Inclusive

We provide an enhanced-commission, luxury ADR with competitive uniqueness.

The combination of ADRs and extended lengths of stay can be a significant source of revenues for travel agencies focused on investment bankers, senior executives of growing companies, and managers of investment funds. You receive 20% commissions, with fees for individual reservations potentially in the tens of thousands of dollars, particularly with Executive Luxury or Offshore Ultraluxury. Corporate housing for extended stays--beyond one month--are indeed subject to the same 20% commissions.

Beyond Dedicated Butler Service
Executive Luxury Two-Bedroom Custom Luxury
Private Clandestine Golf

Rewarding Factors

Regardless of Percentages

Commissioned Stayovers

Extraordinary Propensity for In-Stay LOS Extensions

Corporate Housing

Multi-Month with Ultra All-Inclusive Services

Same 20%
Bonus Regardless of Cancellation

We respect the time spent by travel agents who provide personalized service. You will receive a $250 advance upon payment in full of each reservation--yours to keep, regardless of cancellation.

Exceptions apply to the following:

Lower Rates and Greater Availability than Anything on the Internet or GDS

Please disregard any apparent inaccessibility to lower rates or allocations.

If you encounter any relevant rate from any source that is lower, or if there is an inconsistency of availability based on the reservation method, please call any manager-concierge on duty, day or night, for an instant and friendly manual adjustment.

Rates and availability on the Internet and GDS are publicly accessible, but our primary business objectives are distracted by bargain-seeking leisure travelers who are apathetic about our sophisticated specialties and routine overnighters who merely seek a convenient hotel.

The only exceptions pertain to services provided at or below cost, particularly for military officers and colleagues.

Prepaid Commissions via Net Rates

We welcome you to prepay yourself for your commission, via the use of net rates.

The client pays you, and you in turn send a wire transfer or other bank transfer. Doing so can be beneficial to a client who would otherwise perceive our payment policies as being inconvenient. With your local presence (consumers) or established accounting relationships (corporate/in-house), you can usually receive funds more reliably and efficiently. We can be more relaxed about our five-day deadline after placing a reservation of funds being settled if we know that you have initiated a wire transfer.

In the event of a refund to be issued for a cancellation, we would coordinate with you accordingly, but, again, the process would usually be more comfortable for the client.

Our deposit requirements are unaffected by any net-fee arrangements. As explained on our Web page regarding deposits/retainers (linked here), we have learned the lesson that exceptions often merely exasperate mismatched clients who are seeking simple hotel stays.

Clients Permanently Attributed to You

Commissioned for All Future Reservations by Your Clients

Regardless of Booking Methods

Hotels often try to shave commissions in their consumer commodity of selling rooms. Our level of niche sophistication for business complexities is relevant to the field of professional services, where mutually personal loyalty (not impersonal points from customers to a flag brand) is focal. At this level of professionalism, relationships with intermediaries are customarily upheld on a permanent basis. Indeed, we appreciate the honor of serving your clients, each of whom is delicately valued by both you and the senior concierge who is permanently is assigned to your client. The concierge will dependably and diplomatically fortify the client's relationship with you.

For any client who has identified you in any way as being the representative, all direct reservations will be permanently commissioned to you. This policy only applies to travel agents, consultants, and other intermediaries who provide personal service and is therefore upheld as the client's de facto representative. Personal relationships inherently involve agents who provide personal service, not relationships that merely consist of user accounts based in data centers. OTAs do not have a mechanism for permanent clients, and their customers will often patronize whatever site on a particular day can save ten dollars via a thinly labeled "members-only" discount.

Regardless of Your Interactivity

Rest assured that your relationships are dependably associated, regardless of the degree of interaction you have on clients' behalf.


Complex Special Requests

Business   Medical   Security

Dependably Complete Confirmation

Call for an Immediate Solution, Day or Night

Demonstrating Your Problem-Solver Resourcefulness

Concierge for You  and  Your Client

Uniquely Versatile Sophistication
Individualization  beyond the  Customary Capabilities of Hospitality Your Ultimate Resource for Complex Special Requests Dependably Compliant for Every Detail

A concierge/manager is on duty 24 hours for professional-caliber fulfillment of business, security, or medical special requests. Call now, and you will promptly receive a precise, written confirmation by us with firm commitments for every detail.  You can then forward that confirmation to your client.

We resourcefully fulfill complexities that surpass the customary capabilities of luxury hospitality.   If no ordinary hotel in the area can readily or precisely fulfill a special request regarding business, security, and/or medical sensitivities, we are your ultimate resource.  We apply sophisticated resourcefulness for versatility. We maintain a broad perspective of responsibility to do whatever is necessary for complete achievement of a client's objectives.

For the sake of avoiding any surprises, our rates likewise usually surpass customary luxury hospitality.  However, most services that we provide are ultra all-inclusive, and custom requests are usually incorporated into the premium fees.


Fortifying Your Value to Your Clients


Recognition of Your Resourcefulness beyond OTA Automation

Valuable Benefits Not Available from OTAs
Limited on our Own Online Booking Engine
Exceptionally Sophisticated Customization Fulfilling Special Requests beyond Customary Hospitality Capabilities
Lower Rates and Greater Availability Than anything Online or via the GDS

Please call whenever you have a prospective booking.  Sophisticated concierges are on duty 24 hours, and can usually be reached immediately by phone.  Ultra all-inclusive services will be optimized for the client's specific preferences, often with special provisions at no charge. A concierge-authorized discount will be applied as if a client had coordinated directly with a concierge. You will thereby be able to provide relationship-reinforcing special services to your client, together with a rate that is lower than any corresponding online or database rate. 

  • We endeavor to provide convenient, personal, and confidential communications, particularly via automatic routing to 24-hour single points of contact. 

    The unique nature of our services means that information about us from Internet travel sites is not reliable.  Whenever we have heard that someone has contacted a travel agent or travel site with any requests or inquires, despite correct information often appearing in obscure database fields, answers unfortunately can include erroneous instructions or unavailable modifications, especially due to a customer service representative having a good-faith context of assuming traditional hotel customs.  Our small size and unique framework usually do not provide for the flexibility to fulfill the incorrect presumptions.  We perpetually invest time carefully consuming all available character space to write details in user-modifiable fields, but those qualitative descriptions often do not appear in relational databases, and the GDS/DHISCO space limitations prevent comprehensive clarity.  By contacting us directly, we know the mechanisms available to adapt to requests, and we are able to seek creative solutions that can be different from usual hospitality customs.

    From a broader perspective, a preference for the convenience of coordinating specific requests via a travel site could indicate a mismatch of optimal services by us versus a traditional hotel. Contacts and requests via the major OTAs do not make use of the compartmentalized confidentiality and direct personal service that we offer. 

  • For everyone's benefit, because of our unique paradigm, we strongly recommend that all subsequent details should be directly provided and arranged by us. We have no interest in the short-sighted immorality of circumventing commissions, and we gladly pay for the full-service coordination despite thereafter all matters being implemented directly by us. Otherwise, travelers often needlessly face serious problems on arrival, and we waste heavy resources on canceled misalignments.

  • Concierge
    The Primary Point of Contact
    For the Client and You
    Global • 24 Hours/365 Days • In Perpetuity

    Each client is assigned a friendly, sophisticated concierge to be the 24-hour primary point of contact, regardless of the location.

    Please click here for an explanation of our compartmentalization-based protocols for the security of the communications between the client and the concierge.

    Your client's concierge will continuously and diplomatically endeavor to fortify your agency relationship, regardless of your degree of involvement. The same concierge also acts as your liaison for all interactions regarding the client, including commissions and urgent situations.

  • For mainstream customers of traditional hotels, travel sites and local agencies can be convenient resources for handling problems and requests. Those sites and services must maintain consistent global protocols for processing customer submissions, and thus are optimally suitable for ordinary hotels that use customary procedures.

    Because of our unique protocols and procedures, requests and problems that are not submitted directly to us become convoluted and cannot be accommodated as efficiently or effectively.  Whenever we learn of any requests or complications that are presented to an agency or site, complications can become severely exasperated, instead of satisfactorily resolved.  We must then limit ourselves to the simplest of common provisions, simultaneously upholding respective restrictions and protocols.

    For example, our compartmentalized privacy protocols disable the implementation of many requests and concerns that have been submitted via third parties, until the concierge has personally verified in a phone call with the client that the client has securely returned home—in most cases, far too late for optimally customized solutions.  These protocols are congruent with typical covert procedures of handler receipts of non-critical requests deriving via porous third parties.  Such communications are vulnerable to a wide variety of potential sabotages and manipulated opportunities for compromising security.  Even if the original request was authentic (which itself cannot be verified without a direct contact or contact via secure source—thereby obviating many requests that would derive from third parties), the compromise thereof could present opportunistic dangers. 

Surpassing the Customary Capabilities of Hospitality

Complex Business Sophistication


Versatile Customization for Medical Needs

Your Health  and  Security More Examples of
Your Superlative Protections
Hypoallergenic Custom Luxury

Descriptions are based on packages of the Executive Collection.
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Empowering You to Benefit Your Clients