Private Cruises by Dignitary Discretion
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This is your invitation to castoff into serenity While simultaneously enabling the progress of your success

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No Need to Pack

There is no need to stress in preparation for relaxation. Grab your briefcase, and you can be relaxing in solace in pre-castoff luxury accommodations and sumptuous pampering tonight.

Most customary personal luxuries are complimentary, as a function of our ultra all-inclusive dignitary-style care. (In the event that you require something special or for business, the actual costs are expensed, with no fees from us.)

If you need a refill on a prescription, dignitary-style medical care (including emergency transportation if needed) can be coordinated, at sea or at any of our island destinations, 24 hours.
Your first mate will keep your complimentary Tommy Bahama wardrobe dapper, with hand-washed silks and crisply pressed linens.Tommy Bahama is a trademark of the Tommy Bahama Group, Inc., with which we are neither affiliated, nor a licensor.
Stateside, fiduciary professionals are coordinated to support your business interests, diligently and confidentially following your guidance, without needing to know your location.
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  • Security-Fortified Productivity and Plentiful Luxury
    Without a Passport

    If you do not have a current passport, don't worry.  We uniquely serve prominent individuals who would prefer to get away from stresses and to live off the grid—while securely coordinating the resolution of any current issues.  Thanks to advanced communications that surpass relevant military specifications, you can still stay in control—and in luxury. A purely yacht-based escapade can be plentiful and securely productive.

  • We like to facilitate peace and righteous freedom.  Anyone legitimately interested in our services would not need to be told of our limitations, but, for the sake of unsophisticated people whose unfamiliarity with our niche markets can lead to incorrect assumptions about our services, we must explicitly identify the following serious and real restrictions.

    1. All of our standard requirements for well-intentioned clients apply, as do all of our standard policies pertaining to no illegal activities. Legality is based on applicable jurisdictions. Please do not contact us for any type of services if you do not meet the client requirements.
    2. We do not transport commercial cargo or illegal items.
  • Before you embark, you will immediately begin enjoying serenity, relaxation, and privacy by luxuriating for one week on land in Executive Luxury. During that time, we will customize your dream-come-true for a magnificent experience at sea.

    Primarily in support of concepts of countersurveillance-supported security during mobility,  and secondarily in support of concepts of reducing chains of porousness in conjunction with regulatory record-keeping, hospitality is normally located in a separate state from the castoff.