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Physical Storage

Luggage  •  Office Materials  •  Equipment


Conveniently store clothing and vacation items for the local climate and culture.  For repeat clients of Executive Luxury, free storage is provided between visits.  If you are staying at a different location of ours, we would be happy to transport your items to the other location.

The following are typical examples:
  • golf bags;
  • records and paraphernalia pertinent to business endeavors for which you are legally obligated to maintain controlled information, such as negotiations underway that are material to publicly held companies;
  • items relevant to family and romantic vacations, protecting your loved ones from being exploited as cherished vulnerabilities of yours by adversaries; and
  • business supplies.

Upon the next visit of you, your guests, or your colleagues, in accordance with your tasking notes, everything will have been discreetly and carefully arranged, awaiting your arrival.

Dignitary Inspirations

This particular service of ours is especially well liked by our core markets, occasionally leading to enthusiastic fascination.  Here are the answers to those giddy questions.

  • The concept is primarily inspired by a honed way of life ("the WoL") maintained by many in the diplomatic and consular corps, especially at-large ambassadors of smaller countries.
  • Of importance to the efficiency of your productivity and as a contingency resource in a world of increasingly manipulative cross-border litigants, the world's savviest independent financiers and multinational leaders now maintain the prudent arrangement of a dispersal of rapidly deployable but individually disposable satellite offices—usually integrated into a self-maintained dispersal of data backups and keycards.  Even if one location/country/entity/office were to be compromised, the data would be useless packets of encrypted data to an adversary.  One keycard would be useless, but a combination of a keycard with proper biometric and password access would enable a physical multi-step authentication.
  • Some luxury-caliber vacation-rental resorts similarly offer stationary storage of leisure equipment, but we further expand our benefits to a variety of destinations, all within a focus of business and other confidential travel.  Meanwhile, we often provide use of incidental recreational equipment that is relevant to the locale.
  • Storage rooms generally are unacceptably poor with their unreliable physical security, the accessibility of databases of official ID records, judicial accessibility in a culture of litigation manipulation, and many other factors.  Even among members of our core markets who live long distances away, the risks associated with storage rooms render them as being useless—and even intolerably compromising.

Locked Containers

You are encouraged to store your possessions in one or more locked containers.  Some security-mindful clients prefer alloy storage boxes, such as the ones used for toolboxes attached to flat-bed trucks.  As a powerful set of reassurances, you can place a GPS tracker inside with a remote sensor and radio signal that notifies you of a broken seal, excessive vibration (the friction of hours of a grinder on a steel wall of the box), or high heat (indicative of a plasma cutter).  A titanium padlock or embedded latch would provide you with the comfort that an attempt at breaching would likely involve plenty of advance notice to you.


Items may be shipped to other locations of Dignitary Discretion for subsequent stays in Executive Luxury.  Weights above twenty pounds are subject to reimbursement at our actual cost.

Limitations and Conditions

The following abstract is a preliminary non-binding set of plain-English intentions, but does not constitute a contract or our exhaustive conditions.  A detailed agreement would precede any custodial arrangement.

Requirements on Stored Items

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