Dignitary Discretion

Complicated Travel
to Enable Safe Medical Care

Clandestine PMC NOC Exfil
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
White Cloak Comfort by Dignitary Discretion
Clandestine Cas-Evac Exfil Extraction

Enhanced Security


Advanced Legitimate Care

Rare and Research Treatments

Some of the best sub-specialists, research-stage medications, and sophisticated facilities are in Switzerland.  We can coordinate with academic hospitals. These services are extremely costly, and are generally not covered by any insurance or subsidization.

If you have rare complications and require care that is not effectively available in the United States due to excessive costs of FDA approval, or excessive risks to malpractice insurance for research-stage medicine, there are prestigious medical centers in Switzerland where such therapies can be administered.

Serious Requirements
Moral Care for Good People

Our standard policies apply. You must be lawfully considered friendly to the US, allegiant British Commonwealth, and Israel. Services are only for honorable treatments with complications caused by serious comorbidities, USA-contracted duties, public relations and business concerns for high-profile individuals, and special medical indications. Do not contact us in connection with maintaining an addiction or an immoral procedure.


If you are in need of advanced, specialized medical care, we can possibly provide relevant coordination to extract you from almost anywhere in the world for treatment by top research-level specialists in Switzerland, the United States, or Germany.

(Our standard policies apply, and particularly we will not assist fugitives of the US, UK, Israel, or ally thereof.)

If you need special transportation, we can coordinate a confidential extraction with relevant providers. If applicable, we will follow the lead of any handler, agent, or head of security for you. Otherwise, a senior keeper with powerful skills, fierce protectiveness, and fearless dependability will act as your handler. Regardless, no degree of complexity or international sensitivity would be excessive for us, and we know how to manage the innumerable variables involved in a field extraction from an unfriendly nation. We should emphasize that exfiltration and clandestine extraction are dangerous for everyone involved, create legal volatilities (for which you should seek independent counsel), and are extremely expensive (even when done at cost, such as for humanitarianism); therefore, these services are unsuitable for most consumers.



Hostile Exfiltration

Protocols of paramilitary subcontractors involve critical risks. Governmental, suitable non-paramilitary commercial, and NGO channels should first be diligently exhausted.

Services are possible only for citizens of the US, of Israel, and of nations that are active allies of both the US and Israel; please do not contact us for any reason otherwise.

We emphasize that the extent of our abilities is limited to civilian-accessible resources. Yes, you can rely on us to care with confidential loyalty for anyone who meets our criteria, especially someone who has been compromised while serving as an asset on behalf of US or British interests. Our handlers are willing to endure personal risk to help US-contracted IC friendlies, Western humanitarians of steadfast oath to the morals on which the US and Israel were built, and pro-US missionaries regardless of any laws or violent captors in nations that are not friendly to the US or Israel, but they are limited to what they can obtain as unusually experienced and sophisticated civilians, retired from any possibly relevant professional histories. For good causes with limited financial resources, basic free advice and referrals are provided for mainstream churches and synagogues with missionaries in distress. As much as we would wish we could do more, we do not have control of special resources, or privileges above those of ordinary civilians.

Regardless of any dated competencies of our managers, and although we would be morally motivated to serve, we do not have direct control of any resources for military cas-evac (evacuation of trauma casualties, usually in the context of military or intelligence) or other emergency foreign extractions, although we would be willing to offer loyal civilian effort, on an interim basis until better resources are obtained, to supplement coordination and consulting handlers if no US, UK, or Israeli governmental/military/paramilitary assets are available.  Once committed to a mission, we would assure anyone that heroic bravery is shown by all three governments.  In general, an experienced handler of ours would generally offer the wisdom to a burnt intelligence officer that he should disregard any disavowals, and simply request assistance as a citizen who has somehow developed an emergency.  We acknowledge, however, that they are not generally equipped to help foreign agents, especially burned assets.  Responses to citizen needs are best obtained via the support of diplomatic corps.


Marines provide most diplomatic support, with Naval medical support worldwide, even if the citizen had been doing covert work has since been burned and necessarily disavowed regarding any governmental mission.


Diplomatic support by the British military is legendary, and extensively ingrained worldwide.


There are excellent networks of private resources for Israelis, secret referrals to which are best provided by members of the diplomatic corps. If the nation does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, there are resourceful diplomats, consuls, and staff thereof who have at-large or regional accreditation or resources. Assistance is often unofficial and provided as a matter of personal duty, so therefore the honorable work of the subject individuals should be somehow secretly recognized by pertinent officials who are connected to Tel Aviv. An attestation (usually via vague bona fide references), personal endorsement of trust, and vigorous (but clandestine) requests by a relevantly connected ally friendly can be effective, but only with bilaterally solid personal relationships.

Off-Book Coordination

Service to US, UK, Allies, and Contractors

Hypothetical Only: Not an Offer for Assistance or an Acknowledgement of Relevant Experience
  • Burned NOC
  • Burned USA-friendly agent
  • HOS, without the routine local need for a rare specialty
    PMC field operative who endured injuries while on a US or UK government contract, only to be faced with the illegality to disclose matters of national security, or the illegality of LEO falsity

Corporate Client

Hypothetical Only: Not an Offer for Assistance or an Acknowledgement of Relevant Experience

A senior executive of a publicly held company could acknowledge that his absence or perception of labile health could place the company at needlessly greater risk of a hostile takeover, or of other continuity turmoil;

High-Profile Private Civilian

Hypothetical Only: Not an Offer for Assistance or an Acknowledgement of Relevant Experience

A celebrity, news-making, or other high-profile individual could seek addiction rehabilitation or cosmetic surgery, but does not do so because of Paparazzi, private investigators of civil lawsuits that try to mischaracterize out of context, or sensational reporters.


We will not tolerate any interest in illegalities or coordination with any party that has any form of support for hostile intentions against any military, paramilitary, law enforcement, or civilians of the US, any British Commonwealth nation, or Israel.


Any hot extraction, HK breach, or CZ traversal would require a PMC and reasonably tacit acceptance by a member of the diplomatic corps or a or paramilitary officer of the US, the British Commonwealth, or Israel.