Dignitary Discretion

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  • Private Service by Phone

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    US or Canada

    Compartmentalized Routing

    Clandestine Handler
    Call announcements are not saved. Please do not disconnect after announcing yourself.

    Welcoming Your Call 24/365

    Supporting You with Complex Resourcefulness  and  Seasoned Deftness

    Foremost a Professional-Services Firm
    Protective of Your Confidentiality

    Considering our specialized services with intensive client complexities, and because we do not use the pools of operators and clerks customary of high-volume consumer services, calls occasionally cannot be immediately answered.  In the rare event that you are routed to voicemail, please indeed leave a detailed voicemail message, so that we can serve you.

    Your message will be multi-encrypted for restricted-recipient access. (The restricted accessibility of messages is an example of the slower inconveniences of security, but preventing porousness is a primary objective.) You are welcome to identify yourself by cryptonym or other reference. Feel free to provide any protocol and/or timing instructions you prefer for a return call or E-mail.

  • Private Service via E-mail Each E-mail is carefully received and personally attended.

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