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    Call announcements are not saved. Please do not disconnect after announcing yourself.

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    Considering our specialized services with intensive client complexities, and because we do not use the pools of operators and clerks customary of high-volume consumer services, calls occasionally cannot be immediately answered.  In the rare event that you are routed to voicemail, please indeed leave a detailed voicemail message, so that we can serve you.

    Your message will be encrypted for restricted-recipient access.

    The restricted accessibility of messages is an example of the slower inconveniences of security, but preventing porousness is a primary objective.

    You are welcome to identify yourself by cryptonym or other reference.
    Feel free to provide any protocol and/or timing instructions you prefer for a return call or E-mail.

  • Private Service via E-mail Each E-mail is carefully received and personally attended.

    Email Dignitary Discretion
  • Welcoming Your Preferred Protocols for Security-Enhanced Communications

    We offer you respectful control of sensitive interactions. We welcome your preferred protocols for encrypted and physically present communications.

    The use of cutouts and/or salted circuitousness for in-person preparatory meetings is welcome. Unlike a customary hotelier or professional-services firm, your concierge would not become impatient or confused upon recognizing that some specifications of your protocols are merely added salt. Professional time, travel expenses, and other reimbursements would be charged for voluntarily in-person meetings that are in preparation of forthcoming services. Relevant professional rates are fixed hourly rates, generally at four hundred dollars per hour for this context.

    The actual costs of related expenses are reimbursable, and fees for professional time shall apply, except as explicitly agreed otherwise in writing.

    Almost anything lawful and secure can be accommodated. Particularly for new clients, technology is limited to commercially available technology. With new clients, communications regarding forthcoming or prospective services are normally limited to remote voice and data, via technology that is commercially available. The following are excluded, and would not be acceptable:

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