Dignitary Discretion
Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
Coronavirus COVID19 Reverse Isolation Healthcare or Private Island
Healthcare Coordination • Complex Disabilities   Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion   Custom Luxury Annex in Coordination with Healthcare  
Licensed Private Annex and Care Team Singularly for You
Away from the Inevitably Countless Contaminations of Medical Facilities and Multi-Patient Staff Persistent EPA Sporicidal Sterilization • NIH Reverse Isolation

Caring Nurses Devoted to You Alone, 24 Hours
Isolated for Prior Three Weeks
Coordinated with MD Sub-Specialists World-Class Research-Caliber
HT Assets LLC is not a medical provider. Services are intended to sustain non-infectious health; because personnel are not trained—and facilities are not equipped—for infections, there are no services available for infections. Additional terms and conditions apply; please collaborate with a concierge in advance, and to customize services for your priorities. Personal collaboration and service arrangements must be done at least five days prior to commencement of services unless interim, partial services are privately customized in advance.
Carefree Offshore Freedom Exquisite Villa on Your Own Private Island Island Enclaves from Dignitary Discretion Airdrops to Private Island Loyally Private Team Serving Only You, 24 Hours Special Forces HVA Protector with TS Clearance (Ret.)

Caring Chambermaids/First Mate Isolated for Prior Three Weeks
Unhindered Prosperity Stateside Fiduciary Services Preventing Your Viral and Accessibility Exposures

Advanced Private Office Location-Stripped US MILSPEC TS-Caliber Encryption
Calls, Videoconferencing, and E-mail Routed with No Indication that You are on an Island
Redundant Contingencies Sustained Health, Leadership, and Solace
Your Own Private Villa Private • Antimicrobial   Your Own Team Pre-Isolated • 24 Hours Five-Star-Plus Private Luxury beyond Dedicated Butler Service   Executive Sovereignty Upgrade by Dignitary Discretion   Five-Star Plus by Dignitary Discretion beyond Hotel and Resort Customs Romantic Sovereignty with Dignitary Discretion
Unforeseeable Emergencies Sophisticated Versatility Five-Star-Plus Private Luxury beyond Dedicated Butler Service

Private Health Communications with Countersurveillance Complex Security Sophisticated Business
Diverse Secure Locations Independent Redundancies for Upholding Security and Productivity
Accommodative Versatility for Your Situational Complexities
Please call for details—and to optimize arrangements in consideration of your priorities.

Benefits, limitations, and scheduling terms apply, varying based on your package of services and reservation specifics, but all arrangements are custom.