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COVID-19 with Multiple BSL Reverse Isolation Protocols
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We have always offered sophisticated cleanliness with our Executive Collection packages, based largely on relevant US dignitary/Presidential safety. We have now further enhanced the sophistication of your protections. Most protections would be inherently impossible for any customary five-star luxury hotel or class-A office building. Triple-sporicidal treatments sterilize deliveries with CDC BSL-4 specifications.

For more than a decade, most of our protections for an incoming client (for whom we provide non-emergency, directly administered lodging/housing with a package of the Executive Collection) were based on CDC, EPA, and NIH sterilization designations, pertaining both to client-touching surfaces and to UV-sterilized air. By definition, sporicidal sterilizing is the most powerful antimicrobial category by the EPA. Sporicidal sterilization generally pertains to surgical rooms, some private POTUS environments, and some laboratories. Sterilization at the sporicidal level also applies to patient-touched surfaces and UV air purification in reverse-isolation patient-recovery rooms, which are designated for special protection from the general populace of potentially infectious patients. Sporicidal sterilization categorically surpasses the official US COVID-19 advisories for public operations of commercial hospitality and offices.

Private Optimization for Current Reservations

Only sterilized, isolated villas are currently offered for clients who are seeking hospitality services, but we are enabling secondary alternatives for future reservations. Therefore, all direct reservations and leases are temporarily being personally coordinated by phone and E-mail only, not via online booking.

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