Dignitary Discretion

Personally Unshakable Loyalty


Freedom from Social Media Gossips Vacation from Image Maintenance


Off-Book Unleashed from Corporate Saboteurs and Hostile Investors

Freedom from Denigration by Headline-Manipulative Litigators


Countersurveillance Safety from Heartless Paparazzi and Truth-Twisting PIs

Comprehensive Hospitality  beyond  Customary Five-Star Capabilities
Beverly Hills--Evade PI

In the City of Beverly Hills

Off-Book Coordination with Local Luxury Hospitality

You are not someone with ordinary needs, Beverly Hills is not an ordinary city, and our caliber of services are not ordinarily available to civilians. Now, take comfort under degrees of countersurveillance rarely experienced even by traveling dignitaries of most countries.

You'll be blanketed by the luxuries and first-class services for which Beverly Hills is famous.  Unfortunately, the better areas of LA are also magnets for people who want to invade the privacy of successful people.  Most of the high-priced hotels with the phrase 'Beverly Hills' in their names are miles away from the city, many of which in dirty areas of Midtown Los Angeles, without the exclusive safety, privacy, and legal protections for high-profile people maintained by the City of Beverly Hills.  You genuinely will be inside Beverly Hills.

Solution for Prominent Individuals

Our services in Beverly Hills are excellent resources for high-profile individuals.  Any customary hotel in LA is inherently porous and public. If a determined and sophisticated adversary can chase you into a friend's residence, you could find yourself caught in and around soft targets. There is no valet to grease, nowhere to call with a false pretense, no back alley to maneuver, and many of the protocols are the same proven concepts that successfully protect USA-friendly high-value-individuals from extremely sophisticated opposition.

Because we coordinate hospitality with multiple luxury providers, we uphold a important countersurveillance concept of inconsistency.  To support the privacy of our clients, we especially avoid revealing extensive descriptions of our Beverly Hills facilities to the general public on our Web site.  Instead, please contact us if you have an interest in our Beverly Hills accommodations, and we would be happy to provide further details.

Services in Beverly Hills of less than thirty days are provided in conjunction with licensed hospitality providers (no need to be subjected to handing your personal information to a clerk at a front desk) wherein we provide all services, custom-selected based on your preferences.

Unshakably Loyal Duty of Honor with Uniquely Comprehensive Solace

Actively Protective of Your Confidentiality

Paradigms for Your Privacy
Private Executive Services Off-Book Compartmentalization Cutout Correspondent Proxy/Surrogate
Safehouse Paradigm for Hospitality

Your Loyally Dedicated Team The Ultimate in Private Service

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Pristinely Secure

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Your Health and Security As Manifested with Housekeeping
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