Dignitary Discretion
    Respect for Mutual Loyalty
    If You Have a Personal-Service Travel Agent  or  a Corporate Travel Service
    Do you have an existing reservation  that was  placed directly with us?

    If you have already placed a reservation with us directly, please simply inform your concierge that you have a personal-service, in-house, or other established travel service.  He will manually update your account, so that your representative is granted the same respect for the current and future direct reservations as though you were placing the reservations through the travel agent. He also will establish your preferences for protocols of information sharing.

    Do you have an existing reservation  that was  placed by an agent or via your corporate service?

    Regardless of the reservation method, our individualized services require coordination with you in advance, beginning no later than promptly upon the placement of your reservation. If you have not already been coordinating with a concierge, please contact us urgently today. Client contact information often does not transmit to us with new reservations. 

    Would you like to place a reservation?

    To optimize services for your needs, for greater accuracy and precision for your questions, and for the lowest rates, please first contact us for friendly, private service. Subsequently, regardless of whether you ultimately place the reservation through your in-house system, through your representative, or with us directly, your travel agent will be equally respected with the full fees for representing you.

    Moreover, we would be happy to comply with any accounting, documentation, or other procedural policies of your company or agency. We are accustomed to SCI protocols; specifically, a reservation can be attributed to an agent or contractor cost accounting after being stripped of all reference keys connected to any records of dates or locations.