Dignitary Discretion

Unfettered Success and Solace
in Your Journeys

Dignitary-Style Luxury

Uniquely Extensive Executive Facilitation

Proven Wisdom  for  Unhindered Progress in Business Travel
 Based on Protocols for the  Private Hosting of Independently Traveling
US-Friendly Dignitaries

Individualized for Your Business Complexities

Distinct Packages of Services

Benefits Generally Apply to the
Respective Packages of All Locations Chain-Wide

Custom Specialties


Location Profiles

Most of the package descriptions and benefits apply to all locations chain-wide. Pages for individual locations focus on the local characteristics.

The above references to the facilities and vicinities of each respective location are based on our primary hospitality packages of Executive Luxury and/or Signature.

Amenities, views, vicinities, amenities, and overall quality are reduced in caliber for Rabbit Hole Refuge, and vary in accordance to the respective specialties of other packages.


Despite our endeavor for package consistency, there unavoidably are some geographic dependencies.
Facilities, supplemental amenities, general types of venues for lodging, and fixed amenities vary based on multiple factors. Please click here for general information about geographic variations.


Only the localized enhancements are detailed on the respective pages of each location.

Continuing with the above example, Executive Luxury features the same sophisticated support services, regardless of the city where you are staying.

Each occasion of hospitality is custom. Please contact us, beginning no later than the date that you place your reservation, to begin coordinating for whatever would be most important to you.