Dignitary Discretion

Hospitality  as a  Cost Center

Valuably Benefiting the Clients of Our Core Markets

Our core business consists of subcontracted services of sophisticated business specialties, such as in support of the clients of transactional business attorneys and of US/UK/Israeli interests.  Since the 1970s, our founders and their associates have provided hospitality to their visiting clientele, simply being reimbursed at cost for the contracted hospitality services.  We are now availing our hospitality to privacy-oriented travelers in the general public for marketing purposes, demonstrating our hands-on, comprehensive protectiveness for our core markets.

Some travelers and travel agent have difficulty comprehending the concept of hospitality as a cost center for the primary business.  This concept also applies to other industries, which also exemplify practices that we occasionally exude, with ensuring concerns about how or why we would do such things:

Relevance to Travel Agencies

An important symbiosis exists between travel agencies and each of the above models.  For example, gambling services are obviously not relevant to OTA or GDS listings, but the hospitality services of casinos are prominent aspects of commissioned travel sales.

In our case, we are able to provide unique services to fulfill the needs of niches of premium-level frequent business travelers who otherwise face insufficiencies with the other offerings from online travel agencies—irrelevant to the long lists of check-boxes of simple criteria—or who otherwise would face awkward explanations to personal-service TAs of their sensitive complexities.

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