Executive Sovereignty Upgrade by Dignitary Discretion
Dignitary Discretion
Executive Sovereignty Upgrade by Dignitary Discretion

Peerlessly Empowering You  in Your  Triumphant Business Journeys

You Now Behold the Ability to Empower Your Business Travels
 with  Unfettered Success and Solace Based on Protocols for Independently Traveling US-Friendly Dignitaries
Unleash Your Business Progress Loyally Sophisticated Resources and Support for Your Executive Complexities
Beyond the Capabilities of Customary Hospitality The portfolio of sophisticated specialties and dedicated services of Executive Sovereignty are unmatched by any publicly offered luxury hospitality in the United States
Dedicated Butler Service with Private Ultrauxury Villa in Newport Beach
Dedicated Butler Service with Private Ultrauxury Villa in San Jose CA
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Specific to the Executive Sovereignty Upgrade For the benefits applicable to all Executive Luxury services, please click here.
Applicable Chainwide
To provide dependability to our core niches who stay with us in multiple locations,
specifically listed features and benefits are the same chainwide.

Exceptions apply to custom arrangements and specially discounted rates.
Architectural structures and interior designs vary among the locales, but specific mandates of modern luxury are applied
unless you approve otherwise, particularly with special requests or exceptional benefits.
Individualized for You
Based on whatever is most important to you, and on relevant availability, within committed specifications
We endeavor to enable all special requests, regardless of the customary capabilities of ordinary five-star hospitality.
Most special requests are optimized at no extra cost, after collaborating in advance.

Our realm of hosted dignitaries broadly supersedes the customary paradigms of consumer/commercial travel,
empowering you with versatile facilitation—and the freedom of unhindered progress.

The structure of Executive Sovereignty maximizes your flexible resources leading to a pivotal moment of deal-making triumph. An exquisite luxury villa awaits your arrival, empowering you to take command of the success of your business travels with a comprehensive array of modern executive accouterments and sophisticated business resources that are pre-customized for facilitating your business endeavors.

Your accommodations are uniquely equipped to be aligned with our spectrum of unique services—from countersurveillance to in-suite off-book personal assistance.

Your loyally dedicated team attends singularly to you, 24 hours, for the ultimate in private service. Servants' quarters are adjacent to your separately bolted dwelling.

Detached Villa to Support Countersurveillance-Backed Privacy

Off-book freedom unleashes you to focus on the important matters of your non-adversarial, rightful success—away from the relentlessly draining legal manipulations and denigration of those who attempt to steal your success. Countersurveillance is fortified with exterior thermographic control and sound cancellation, and exterior maneuverability (such as going to offices for meetings) is supported with less exposure compromises.

Remote Compromise and General Security from Infiltration TSCM is professionally enabled for the lawful protection of dignitaries, investment bankers managing sensitive deals, and executives, and other lawful applications.
Deft Countermeasures
Customized against Relevant Tradecraft   Sage Counter-HUMINT Reduced Exposure of Family and Staff to Soft-Target Manipulation Individualized Incidental Coaching TSCM Black Bag • Near-Range • Remote • Blanket
Private Safehouse Location
Perimeter Security Thermal • UV Motion Fully under Your Control and Directives Exterior Points of Ingress and Exterior Black-Bag Exploits
Avoided or Countered Exploitation of Customary Internal Vulnerabilities Preventing Exposures to External Acquisition of Surveillance Control via Surreptitious Means Examples of Rampantly Exploited Vulnerabilities Traditional Security Systems
Monitoring Centers that Are Out of Your Control   Networked Utility Controls
Such as Externally Controllable Thermostats
Empower your productivity and security with executive business equipment. Ready for Your Laptop  or  Integrated with a Relevant-MILSPEC Desktop Computer

TSCM Bypassing Exposures to a Wide Variety of Vulnerabilities Example: Unlike the restrictive portals of ordinary hotels, there is no hampering, recording, or compromise to your online access. That means you can use Tor, if you wish. We give you tools for protection, but we do not have access to your usage. You will be provided with VPN access to Tor upon request. The Onion sites garner much intrigue, but merely one occasion at a corrupted dark-Web site without prudent protections can result in permanent wormholes and/or destruction.   Hardware Firewall that Surpasses Readily-Available Commercial Technology Under Your Password Control Please click here for more information about your countersurveillance protections.

During your stay, your counterintelligence specialist would be happy to show you countermeasures are deployed to leverage your adversaries' own efforts against them (hence the difference between "anti-surveillance" and "counter-surveillance").

Enhanced Protections
Thermographic Perimeter Control
Visual Anti-Surveillance HUMINT and VFR/Biometric
Counter-ACINT Including Laser-Vibration Protections

Separate fees may apply for some requested services.

Your Luxury Estate and Executive Base   Privately Supported 24 Hours By Your Loyally Dedicated Team
Spaciousness and Freedom   Minimum of Two Thousand Square Feet
Minimum of Two Bathrooms Separate from Your Servants' Quarters
Flexibility and Maneuverability   Adaptability to Opportunities and Situations   Greater Customization for Your Preferences
Productivity and Confidentiality   Advanced Business Equipment Based on Your Preferences   Stay Focused and Organized No Inefficient Awkwardness of a Dainty Hotel Room Don't lower yourself to a workspace that's smaller than the desks of your entry-level workers at your office.
Entertaining of Your Visitors   Securely Unobserved and Off-Book Freely Relaxed Interactions Established Trust of Your Responsibility and Sophistication   Lead  Confidence-Inspiring Presentations with Aplomb Available Security beyond Relevant TS Military Standards
Executive Accouterments   Restful Luxuries and Protective Serenity Not Packed into an Institutional Room within Floors and Wings
Serious Security Protections   Countersurveillance No-Questions-Asked Countermeasures for Your Areas of Concern

Facilitating Your success

Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion

Storage In-Suite  •  Arrival and Departure  •  Long-Term

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Your Luxury in Solace Awaits

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