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    Our location flexibility provides you with the opportunity to optimize your location and features based on your individual preferences.  Please tell us what is important to you, and we enjoy opportunities to customize.  Unless a request pertains to an established service that we separately offer, we coordinate with you in an endeavor to implement your preferences at no additional charge, no matter how obscure.

    We concentrate our efforts and resources to fortify any features that you have identified as being especially important to you.  Each provision of hospitality is discreetly individualized in an effort to pursue your specific preferences.  We truly want you to be happy, so please do not hesitate to tell us your greatest wishes. Services, amenities, features, and locale are subject to change, at or above the relevant overall approximate level of quality, focusing on specific features cited by you as being materially most important.

    Please keep in mind that flexibility, benefits, and resources are limited with the following characteristics:

  • The addresses we necessarily use to enable any kind of adaptation to public markets only pertain to small numbers of units, enabling us to illustrate the geographic areas and calibers of luxury that we offer (not the utilitarian standards of most government safehouses, but also not the mansions envisioned in the fantasies of some movies).

    As a matter of honorable practices, the confidential facilities of most placements are intended to be superior in at least some important characteristics, and reasonably consistent with all other relevant characteristics, compared to the publicly displayed addresses or facilities.

    Cited locations are subject to availability (under policies that are different than hospitality standards in order to accommodate the preferences of our unique niche market; please visit our Web site or contact us for explanations) and primarily serves as a reference for general levels of luxury, practical locale, and amenities, illustrating spaciousness and features, especially compared to traditional hotel studios.  Actual accommodations shall be

    1. in the same functional area in accordance with your stated objectives for travel; and
    2. of materially similar or superior surroundings, and of materially similar or superior amenities, general quality, and spaciousness.

    The pictures, amenities, personnel, and particular locations are intended to provide conceptual examples of the general characteristics of amenities, locale, and service that we endeavor to provide. Inherent to the fundamental concepts of covert security, actual facilities vary. The actual amenities, facilities, addresses, personnel, and views for each respective client's hospitality are usually different in at least some ways. We strive to represent the respective general caliber of quality or functionality. The variability is a function of the unique set of characteristics of our operations: professionally enhanced security, service-based (as opposed to asset-based), flexibly accommodating to each client's specific needs, and flexibly averting exposures of our clients to risks; meanwhile, in order to inform the relevant marketplace of our services, we must conform to the customary marketing structures that are attuned to routine, non-security-oriented travel. If there is a variation with which you are disappointed, please inform us immediately so that we can achieve your satisfaction, whether directly (with a relevant provision) or indirectly (with some other benefit).

  • An important aspect of reducing security vulnerabilities is that the exact location is not determined in advance.  Moreover, our niches of executives and dignitaries tend to have especially important needs for flexibility, as manifested by our separately explained stayover policies, and explained further in our topic of privacy protections.  As a third consideration, the policy is applied to all travelers, partially to emphasize ahead of time to mainstream travelers that we truly are a specialty service that intrinsically cannot be all things to all people, despite how hard we work to care about each traveler, and how much personalized VIP luxury we provide, particularly with our Executive hospitality. We wish to be clear and honest that safe house concepts directly conflict with customs that are comfortably and efficiently responsive for mainstream travelers whose priority is luxury, not confidentiality. 

    The exact location is generally not determined with finality until the day of arrival. If a reservation is secured more than one week in advance, and if the stay is for longer than three weeks or if you have an Executive package, the unit will be finalized and communicated to you sooner, in accordance with your preferences for secure communication protocols.

    During your stay, knowledge of your exact location is compartmentalized to your concierge and direct service providers, most of whom are not provided with your actual name. For high-profile individuals who would be readily recognized by service workers, we recommend the Executive Sovereignty package, thereby restricting the arena of visual contact to your small team, led by professionals who adhere to concepts of mutually loyal confidentiality.

    Please click here for more information about your dedicated team with the Executive Collection.

    Although the concepts of unpredictable, incognito locations are fundamental to safehouses, our thoughtful care for customizing all aspects of hospitality towards your preferences are rewarded with the gratifications of top-ranking awards and generally being regarded as holding the caliber of five-star plus. That degree of intensive and intellectual effort is intended to provide our clients with an experience of such sophistication that some clients have described us as giving them experiences of enlivening freedom. Unlike the inflexible, compromise-mandating concept of a singular fixed location, we put our hearts and energies in implementing the safehouse basics by surpassing security pragmatics and using the flexibility to provide you with maximal personal benefit in a location intended to optimize your wishes within the available alternatives of an area.

    Even during peak times, even if there were to be facility issues, we guarantee to accommodate your reserved schedule, by applying resourceful contingencies.

    Your satisfaction with the specific unit is usually guaranteed.

    Significant exclusions apply including—but not limited to—reservations via online travel services, Rabbit Hole Refuge, specially discounted rates, the limitation to replacement with more suitable accommodations, and custom locations/specifications.

    Please click here to learn about your safeguarded fulfillment.


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