Dignitary Discretion

Serious Clarifications

Some members of the general public like to make themselves feel better about their non-newsworthy lives by deriding prominent leaders, particularly by slinging pure conjecture about any exciting salaciousness.

We help to protect our clients' rightful honor from maliciously falsified hostility.

Similarly, careless denigration is often extended to those who are associated with the prominent people whom they like denigrate.

A particular realm of important clarifications pertains to our Romantic Sovereignty package.

Our Intention for These Services
Please do not misinterpret our encouragements of lightheartedness.

Our marketing for the Romantic Sovereignty package is intended to be lighthearted in a deliberate effort to put our highly stressed core markets as ease with a welcoming attitude—so that they can be more comfortable enjoying marital bliss.

Romantic Sovereignty represents less than one percent of our reservations, but our management created it in response to the devastation that frequently reverberates through marriages of honorably patriotic officials who are legally mandated to uphold secrecy.

Romantic Sovereignty was initially inspired by a marriage counselor in McLean who suggested that we offer a service in which couples can safely relax. Specific suggestions pertained to light-hearted hostesses who would take the lead to inspire wives to feel carefree and uninhibited. We then realized that the relentlessness of social-media gossips and constant image maintenance had similar effects on the marriages of many political leaders, and of context-manipulating adversaries on wealthy individuals and executives.

  • Specific amenities and hostess staffing are not guaranteed for limitations for arrivals within three days of finalizing a reservation, but any limitations shall be substituted for features and/or services of greater value, endeavoring (but not guaranteed) to provide even further contentment based on whatever is most important to you. Best optimization and values are available in advance, and reservations placed in advance enable collaboration for best fulfilling your wishes.

  • To provide protection for your ability to feel safe while you are being passionate, our personnel must feel safe that you yourself are a compassionate person.

    Although there has never been an incidence to the contrary, we provide this preventative clarification. Romantic Sovereignty is intended for lighthearted fun for both husbands and wives. Please keep in mind that our specialties and backgrounds pertain to being protective. There must not be restraint of movement or cruelty, regardless of professed consent. Everyone must be clearly present on their own continuous freewill.

    Everyone present must be age 21 or over.

  • Discretion does not refer to immorality.

    Dignitary Discretion is founded on a philosophy of unshakable lifelong faithfulness. Any simple hotel rents rooms to almost anyone who provides an ID, but we exert personal care and unpredictable sacrifice to protect our mutually loyal clients. To protect that bilateral trust, an important client requirement of ours is to have a solid character of unwavering loyalty. Applied to Romantic Sovereignty, this service provides the freedom of a realm of bliss for marital joy, not for immoral liaisons.

    The prosperity and safety of the US and, of our close allies who depend on our protection, were built on a foundation of our Forefathers' focus on morality. We are a valued resource because we endlessly and ardently uphold our commitments to loyalty. Please do not be tempted to misapply our vessel of goodness for the sinful disloyalty of adultery. If you disagree, you have the freedom to choose from a cornucopia of hotels, thanks to the free economy that developed from that foundation.

  • Daydreamers and skeptics who do not understand our core markets occasionally develop serious misconceptions regarding the roles of the hostesses. Please take these clarifications seriously.

    "Would a hostess fulfill all desires? Would she do that?" No, the hostesses would not do that.

    (However, a hostess characteristically could offer instead—with a soft giggle—to go buy some knee pads for your wife...)

    Each hostess for the Romantic Sovereignty package characteristically provides exuberance, often with lighthearted innuendos that are normally absent from any other type of service that we provide. Greater degrees of sophistication are prerequisites for full-time service involving any other package. With Romantic Sovereignty, the exuberance provides encouragement to those who normally are constricted by heavy travel and/or public visibility. The lightheartedness does not refer to physical activity by the hostesses.

    Revelations to hostesses should be avoided.

    The most salient characteristic for anyone to be hired with us pertains to sustaining self-control and respectfulness in strong commitment of secrecy, which, in our experience, is incomparably more effective than a realistically unenforceable NDA—and itself occasionally a strategic mistake legally because it can excite an adversary.

    Hostesses are generally cheerful, sweet, and enthusiastic. Therefore, although your hostess can be reasonably expected to abstain from being a heartless social-media gossip, hostesses are not countersurveillance experts, and they are not hardened from compulsion or manipulation.

    Personal care is inherently necessary for complex sportiveness, accommodating individual preferences and protocols. Each member of the team provides respective thoughtfulness in accordance with their abilities. Unlike the concierge, hostesses do not provide countersurveillance expertise, and you are responsible for instructing them of your safeguards.


    The following text includes opinions submitted by a founder and his notes from a meeting with a staff member. The text is not intended to reflect employment qualifications, regulated operations, or personnel policies.

    Cheerleading, Not Playing
    Sidebar from an Interview with a Hostess

    Although we have never had an issue with an actual client, we often must contend with the consumer-oriented perspectives of the public, and of conjecture-laden cynicism against executives and world leaders.

    • Discreet honor in protecting prominent individuals involves unspoken changing of bedsheets, but not jumping into them.
    • Expert resourcefulness is relevant to diplomatic complexities and business emergencies, not to a plebeian Internet search for someone for the night.
    • Loyal friendship and care is demonstrated with our Romantic Sovereignty package by enabling the lighthearted joy in marriages that are otherwise burdened by stresses that members of the general public callously devour in the news.

    A hostess of ours characteristically tries to respond politely to acerbic conjecture by referencing her college days as a cheerleader.  Although she was behind the security gates near the action, there was a simple separation that she was not a player. Instead, she brought light-hearted feminine encouragement and excitement to both the women and the men present.  She is always full of congenial smiles, sustaining sweetness and fun during times that would otherwise would be lulls.


    Bluntly, security and legal matters are already complicated issues for which we must be extremely careful—we don't need something petty at the consumer level to create a variety of vulnerabilities that could be immediately catastrophic.

    Lighthearted attractiveness

    Lighthearted attractiveness is an incidental mood, not primary to our business focus. Our business-travel clients appreciate the opportunity to have marital joy despite the stresses and restrictions that otherwise can overwhelm every aspect of their lives. The functionality is effectively the five-star-plus version of the customarily scantily-clad cocktail waitresses in side lounges of hotels, with legal precedence by the US Supreme Court in favor of a particular chain of not-five-star restaurants.

  • Not from any experience with a client, but from members of the public who cannot relate to the culturally sophisticated, good-natured, complexity-laden lives of clients in our niches. We discovered that we should specifically explain the turndown service, even at the risk of being blunt.

    The moment of the hostess arriving for the first time signifies the contrast to an ordinary five-star hotel experience. Instead, she presents herself consistent with a hostess offering a respectful evening toast to a dignitary, beautifully adorning herself in a cocktail dress. Please do not insult the traditional social graces, attractiveness, and caring sweetness with harmful inferences. We put great care and effort into each client. This is not merely a five-minute systematic housekeeping task. We must also clarify that this is seriously not an unmentionable activity at the opposite end of the task spectrum.

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