Dignitary Discretion

Privacy Fortification via Attorney Proxy

Contemplation of Professional Cooperation Your Fiduciary Representation

Another Layer of Fortified Privacy



We respect and are honored to be of service to clients of attorneys.

Conversely, personnel of ours may incidentally provide informal, non-compensated, non-obligatory introductions to legal counsel. We are not in the business of providing legal referrals, and no compensation is paid by either party for introductions of clients.

Your Attorney Engagement

Significant limitations and terms generally pertain to the scope of services, when services can be provided, and the conditions under which services can be provided.  Terms shall be governed by your legal representation agreement, dissociated from us.  We have no effect on such terms.  Consult your prospective or existing counsel for information relevant to your specific matters. 


Legacy of Dignitary Discretion Founders

Attorney Traditions in Protective Hospitality

Predating our publicly marketed services, protective hospitality services are internally identified as part of a cost center, not a primary business mission.

There is a longstanding culture among some legal services firms to provide hospitality to their traveling VIP clients, with the following primary objectives: providing privacy, providing a fiduciary resource of service in lieu of otherwise potentially disloyal or disclosure-prone hospitality providers, and buffering many potential problems during their travels.

We have often provided secure, private, luxury accommodations to our VIP clients who are traveling in in the countries in which we have affiliates. (Outside of the US, we still only provide hospitality to our long-term, established legal clients.) Since the 1970s, principals of our group have specialized in serving high-profile dignitaries, political leaders, international businesspeople, banks, and the economic development of US- and UK-allied nations. Throughout most of these decades, we have maintained home-like suites for internal and client use while traveling for business.

We are expanding our reasonably traditional, global concept of a law firm providing comforting hospitality to traveling clients who wish to maintain their privacy. Now, you can have access to that same philosophy of VIP hospitality.


Supporting You and Your Lawyer

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