Dignitary Discretion

Full-Service Rendezvous

Medically Coordinated Arrival

Covert Dustoff Medevac

Dignitary Discretion provides medically coordinated hospitality for the benefits of private recuperation, accommodation of complex disabilities, and leadership-sustained treatments. We do not provide medical services ourselves.

Enduring Executive


non-emergency vehicle shall retrieve you from the curbside or a public waiting area. Tarmac, emergency, helicopter, and/or specialty transportation may be contacted and scheduled on your behalf, on an incidental basis, without evaluation of compliance. A private ambulance or luxury handicapped van may be contracted based on your tasking notes, or Dignitary Discretion may provide you with complimentary incidental transportation that is not regulated for medical transportation but that reasonably accommodates common disabilities.

White Cloak Comfort

If Booked Directly
Complimentary service is provided via handicapped-accessible van, or a sedan with a trunk that holds a wheelchair.  Ambulance service may be optionally coordinated on your behalf. No transportation services are available with this particular type of hospitality if booked through a third party (such as a travel Web site).
Specially Discounted or Via a Travel Agency

Due to the need for detailed and confidential coordination of custom services, transportation for Comfort hospitality is generally not provided if specially discounted or booked through a third party (such as an online travel agency). This is the only package of hospitality that does not normally include complimentary transportation if not booked directly. (Our dignitary-grade hospitality with disability accessibility can only be booked directly with us, due to the same concept of necessarily thorough customization.)


Duly licensed facilities, equipment, and personnel are coordinated based on pertinent specifications and instructions, but we cannot evaluate suitability or compliance. We do not provide medical services, supplies, or competence, as subject to pertinent regulations. Your medically oriented concierge is happy to coordinate professional specialists in support of the excellence of your care, within legal limits of such coordination. We cannot advise you on the suitability of your care. Coordination of medical services is based on your tasking notes, for which you take responsibility as being competent for yourself.

Advance scheduling, client requirements, and other limitations apply. Please begin coordinating for your arrival in advance, preferably no later than the day that you place your reservation. Please call for details and for individualized arrangements.